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  1. Beafraid

    Can anyone fix my MAME?

    Nephew's kids were here the other day and were mashing buttons. Ended up freezing the screen. Now it won't boot up. Screen just stays black.
  2. Beafraid

    FS GnR LE

    Ordered from P1 last October. Hopefully will arrive at P1 in the next 2 or 3 months. If interested please PM me.
  3. Beafraid

    SOLD Hot Wheels

  4. Beafraid

    Question about spotlights.

    Can you use 12V Led flasher bulbs connected to a 12V source in spotlights? I want to add some spotlights to my Hot Wheels but the GI are all RBG lights. Can i just use the coin door 12V with 12V flasher leds?
  5. Beafraid

    WTB Oktoberfest

    Anyone have an Oktoberfest they want to sell?
  6. Beafraid

    SOLD AIQ art blades

    These were 134$ to my door. 100$
  7. Beafraid

    FS/FT AIQ Premium

  8. Beafraid


  9. Beafraid

    FS Odds and Evens

    Nice shape. One flipper feels a bit weak. 1000$
  10. Beafraid


    If you want to sell let me know.
  11. Beafraid


  12. Beafraid

    WTB Ghost Busters

    Not looking anymore.
  13. Beafraid

    WTB Hot Wheels

    Anyone want to sell their Hot Wheels? Looking for a used one before buying new. Thanks
  14. Beafraid

    WTB Mirror blades

    Looking for mirror blades for Scared Stiff. Thanks
  15. Beafraid

    WTB Deadpool

    Deadpool Le or Premium possibly
  16. Beafraid

    SOLD Big Buck Hunter HD

    5500 or B.O. Immaculate shape. Bought an extra pack which gives you 3 extra animals and a zombie game. Cost for that was around 1700$.
  17. Beafraid

    SOLD WH20

  18. Beafraid

    SOLD MMr Le

    Selling my MMr Le. I am the original owner. Perfect condition and plays awesome. 12K or B.O. Willing to trade for Deadpool LE or maybe Premium
  19. Beafraid


    Williams IJ 9300 or B.O. new decals new plastics metal plane mods colour Dmd clear coated PF Pics later this week.
  20. Beafraid