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  1. Saltimbanco

    Pinside 2021 Secret Santa Program - Sign Up Through Nov. 10th

    It's time again for a bit of fun and holiday season sharing! Instructions are on Pinside (see link below), but in a nutshell you are to provide your name and home address to @LesManley. He will pair you up with another Pinsider - this is anonymous! You will be sent the name of another Pinsider...
  2. Saltimbanco

    FOUND Original Star Trek Premium (Stern) translite

    It's still available online, but if you have one in great condition and no longer need it, pm me!
  3. Saltimbanco

    WTB Original Stern translite Tron 'girls'

    I know it's still available online, but if you have one let me know
  4. Saltimbanco

    FOUND Original Stern translite GoT Premium

    I know it's still available online, but if you have one pm
  5. Saltimbanco

    Framed pop art for game room!

    Just wanted to share about some fun pieces I've recently ordered and received from Pinsider @lastlight. Most importantly, it's made in Canada by another Pinside brother from Calgary. Buy Canadian! Go check out his site http://www.arcadearts.net/ First, the framed pop art is great fun for the...
  6. Saltimbanco

    Apron cards

    Any sites, or links to forum where I can get HD quality aftermarket apron cards for Hulk LE?
  7. Saltimbanco


  8. Saltimbanco

    The Avengers coin door sticker

    Looking for the rectangular sticker for The Avengers Hulk LE, coin door was repainted to match gammagreen side armor and hinges but was never put back. Is there a way to print this and what would it be printed on? Or can it be purchased/ordered? I will need the image (JPG, pdf, Raw, etc.) to...
  9. Saltimbanco

    FOUND Tron

    Looking for a Tron, thank you.