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    kiji $2100 F14 perfect condition with LED's looks like a scam, asking for deposit

    Wonder if there's a way to manipulate how long you've been on Kijiji? Did some clicking and one of the reviews he's got is from a person on Kijiji for......*drum roll*......52 years.
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    Cleveland friend just bought a Never-used High Speed

    Be sure....be very very sure. That thread Luch mentioned sounded like it was a great sales pitch but reality was, as stated, a disaster.
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    SOLD Iron Man Pro

    Always wanted one of these ....resist Bruce...resist..
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    Demo man 3000.00 on market place

    I think it was....one pic was of a different pf and "she" joined FB in 2022, no friends, no pics, no posts. Was only up for a bit...
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    Harley Davidson scam?

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    Harley Davidson scam?

    Here is the phone number he used on the previous scam....
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    Harley Davidson scam?

    Well I didn't see one today so it's probably from someone who has me blocked....like the scammer.
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    scam $4000 star trek pro , this guy tried this before with a premium

    I reported it as soon as it came up and told him....called me a "rat"......oh, the burn...
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    I know he's planning a Mont Tremblant trip soon so.....
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    WTB williams grand prix , let me know what you have ?

    Have one I haven't got too yet...
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    Ripleys & SF2 $3500 Each

    Asked me last night when I want to pick up Ripleys.....then ghosted
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    Guelph Area Pinball Repair Required

    OP hasn't come back since joining and making that post.
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    Guelph Area Pinball Repair Required

    I sent him/her a PM since I'm a Guelphite
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    WTB Devils Dare Backglass

    Looking for a DD backglass. Located Guelph, Ontario.
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    Pinball Expo 2021

    I had a room booked....border didn't open in time.
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    CV: Bad switch matrix issues (WPC 95)

    I just wish I understood a single thing that was said in this thread....
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    SOLD Torpedo Alley

    You're killin' me....
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    Skateball Right Flipper Problem

    Hi Sylvain....im looking at Paul's game right now znd nothing mechanical sticks out to me. Could he have done something to the board solders last time he folded it? Said it hasn't worked since then?
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    My Stern Heavy Metal XP

    Must admit, even though it was a lot of fun, I did find it a bit empty, but still a whole lot more fun then a Led Zep..... ...and better music also.