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    WTB Stern TMNT

    Anyone looking to move along a TMNT from Windsor to past Toronto? I'd like to give this one a go.
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    SOLD No Good Gofers

    No Good Gofers: Cabinet is 8/10 - a few scuffs on the head, drilled for lockbar. Very bright/no fade Backglass - 10/10 Electronics - 10/10 - no hacks or repairs Playfield 7.5-8/10 - a few worn black edges on a couple inserts. Freshly shopped. New gofers No credit dot. Overall very good...
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    FS STTNG - Shuttlecraft decals

    Custom made set of decals for your shuttle. If yours are yellow and curled or your repainting your yellowed ship. Perfect fit. 20 USD
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    FS No Good Gofers Custom Decal Pack

    New custom made decal set to detail up your No Good Gofers! All decals are printed with Latex ink on an high quality industrial printer and die-cut. Material is 3m wrap vinyl which means air-egress easy apply, ultra conformable and will remove after any length of time without leaving glue! x2...
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    FS Refurbished - Gottlieb Royal Flush

    Excellent original condition Gottlieb royal flush. Refurbed by me a couple years ago. Works 100% without issues. Plays great. Playfield is in excellent shape, new rubbers, new bulbs. Backglass is excellent other than some amount of flake on "flush". A custom apron card is in place but can be...