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    SOLD Game of Thrones Pro $6,900 and topper $650

    I'm eyeing my first new in box pin, so I'm putting my GOT up for sale first. Bought from another pbrev member in June. Great game, play it daily, but my JP is sitting there all but ignored since this got here and I want to spend more time on JP before that goes and I pull the trigger on the new...
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    SOLD TWD Pro - ColorDMD(LCD), Shaker, Powder coating, mirror/art blades, tower mod etc $7,500

    Have some other projects to fund, looking to sell my TWD Pro. Picked it up a year ago in Michigan, was advertised as "never had a coin through the mechs"... don't mistake that as HUO though. Machine really is in great shape, but it was brought to local tournaments in MI so it has seen some plays...
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    FOUND Deadpool or Iron Maiden

    Any of these floating around local to the GTA. Fewer mods the better. Not looking to have one shipped, would prefer to eyes and hands on it. Found and IMDN.
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    SOLD LOTR - Lord of the Rings

    Potentially looking to change things up. Traded my MET for a LOTR back in February with hopes of longer ball times... mission successful, I got my longer ball times now I'm looking to change things up and get into something newer. Top of the list Iron Maiden Pro, Deadpool Pro and AC/DC Luci...
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    Registration Broken?

    A friend is trying to register and the captcha is throwing this error: domain / ckey mismatch (yQvrUE-ft7GBI20ZfOk55ntYLIBs8hUS)
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    FS ColorDMD Gasket for Angled Stern Speaker Panels

    Not sure if anyone needs one of these for their ColorDMD... but I do :) https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/colordmd-gasket-for-angled-stern-speaker-panels Shipping to Canada for 1 is $20 USD and they cost $20 USD each. Seller has indicated he could fit 3 or 4 in a box. If he can fit 4 are...
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    FOUND TSPP/LOTR/MET(pro)/TWD(pro)?

    I'm looking to buy a pinball made after the year 2000 for the first time :) The less mod's the better as I will not put the same value on them as you do, short of a ColorDMD. Short listed pin's I'm interested in are in the title. Willing to drive an unreasonable amount of distance... for the...
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    SOLD Williams Slugfest 1991

    1991 Williams Slugfest - New Control Panel Overlay installed - All new Pitch and Hit buttons - All new t-moulding - Stripped, cleaned, repainted coin door - Stripped, cleaned, repainted card dispenser face plate, with new card empty indicator lamp - Replaced all burnt out lamps with new ones -...
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    WTB Share shipping from PPS?

    Trying to avoid the $40 shipping for a $50 from PPS. Anyone happen to have one they don't need. Would also be interested in the front artwork or some of the buttons.
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    FS Silverball Mania - includes a CPR Playfield, Plastics etc...

    I've been gathering parts for a Silverball Mania restore for over a year now and other projects keep cutting in line and taking my time away. Another project has come up that needs some more funds so I'm looking to get out of it what I have into it. Edit: SOLD The Good: Working Silverball...
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    CPR has some Centaur PF's on their site for sale

    CPR just finished up a boutique run of their Centaur playfields. Apparently a number of people backed out of their preorders so there are some for sale on their site. https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/cpr-centaur-and-fathom-playfields/page/6#post-3553600...
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    WTB Wanted to... Borrow? 3/32" Slot Cutting Router Bit

    This is kind of a shot in the dark... but I've been waiting on a 3/32" Slot cutting router bit to show up from China for ages... with the impending postal strike coming up I'm afraid I may not get it for a while. Anyone in the west end of the GTA happen to have a 3/32" Slot Cutting router bit...
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    WTB Bride of Pinbot

    Curious to know what these are going for? I played a BOP 2.0 at Allentown and really enjoyed it, was curious to know what a players BOP would fetch... having to splash out another $2K US to actually upgrade one to 2.0 is another story altogether.
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    FOUND Silverball Mania Playfield

    Anyone have a CPR Silverball Mania Playfield collecting dust they aren't using? Found one from a US Vendor but not too interested in paying $135 USD shipping!
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    WTB 90's Bally/Williams Widebody Cabinet/Head

    Preamble: I sold my virtual pin project I was working on back to the fellow I actually bought it from originally and now I'm wondering if I made the right decision. With champagne tastes and a beer budget I'm not confident I'm going to find a pin that I really want to own for what I want to...