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    WTB Tee'd Off parts and shortened cabinet legs

    I just got a Tee'd Off that could use some love. If you have ANY parts from it let me know. Specifically looking for plastics but will consider any parts as there is quite a bit of wear on this one. I'm also looking for some legs for a pin that are 2-3" shorter than standard legs. If anyone has...
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    WTB Class of 1812

    So this is a relatively rare machine but my GF absolutely loves it and I think it would be cool to surprise her with one. Just going to put this topic out there so if anyone at any point wants to sell one it might come up in their search.
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    FOUND Looking to buy my first pin, have a few that I'm interested in

    I just built a Virtual pin and me and my GF are enjoying it so much we're looking to get our first real pin, if you have any of these and are willing to part with them let me know what you are asking and we can work something out. Metallica any version Iron Maiden pro ac/dc any version Class of...