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  1. Geteos

    Leg for F-14 Tomcat

    Need a single leg with levelling foot for my F-14 project. Anyone in the GTA have one available?
  2. Geteos

    Selling a pin in the US

    I have a buyer in Albany lined up for my SMB and he wants to meet in Rochester to do the sale. I can't find any concrete information on what the process is to bring this pin into the US for sale. The few blurbs I've seen on the CBP website make it sound like it's up to the agent's discretion...
  3. Geteos

    FS/FT Super Mario Bros

    I picked this up earlier in the year, but it hasn't gotten as much play as my other machines. Figured I would make space for something new. It's been fully LED'd, new glass, new balls, newer rubber (colour matched Titan's on the posts). The PO removed the mylar for whatever reason, but the play...
  4. Geteos

    Jurassic Park 3D Printed Mods

    I picked up my JP last month and have been working on a couple 3D printed mods for it. A replacement gate with LEDs is top of the pile. I'm also working on some scooper toppers and a raptor cage with flashing white lights. I have the gate pretty much finished, just working on minimizing the...
  5. Geteos

    WTB Wheel of Fortune

    My budget is 4K, let me know what you have! Thanks!
  6. Geteos

    Want to get my first machine!

    I've always had a soft spot for pinball since I was a kid growing up in the late 80's/90's. My work recently rented a pin for our Xmas party (Ghostbusters) and it had me hooked all week. I'm completing work on my garage (climate controlled) soon so I'm thinking about picking up my first pin...