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    SOLD Game of Thrones LE trade for GnR LE

    I’ve been thinking about investigating the possibility of trading my World Cup ‘94 for a GoT pro. Don’t think I can pony up enough to close the gap on an LE. GLWT.
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    SOLD Free Foosball Table

    Damn. Can’t believe I missed this one! Nice.
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    Bluffs Pinball Returns!

    YOUR MOM!!! Wow I’ve missed everyone. Fully vaxxed and ready to go, but glad to see the slow cautious approach here (which is the rule in our house). Looks like we’re almost there folks!
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    Beginner’s Toolkit

    Thanks for the replies so far (especially on where to go in Missy). Now I just hope I don’t get overwhelmed with options! At least the normal hand tools aren’t completely foreign to me.
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    Beginner’s Toolkit

    I’m a complete newb when it comes to pinball maintenance and repair, but now that I’ve got a few older machines, I have some work to do. Is there a “standard” set of tools that one should have, and are there any recos on what are good? I’ve got to do things like repair severed wires on a...
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    SOLD Huo rob zombie

    Oh and retail banks will never give you this rate.
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    SOLD Huo rob zombie

    Not to be a stickler here, but I believe that if 1 CAD = 0.77 USD, then you need to divide one into the other to determine the correct exchange factor. In this case $1 / $0.77 = about 1.30 Cad to buy $1 USD. You’re grossing any US price by 30%, not 22%.