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  1. MultiHack3D

    TOM - Explainable Display DMD *Glitch?!*

    Hey guys I got the oddest problem I cant seem to wrap my head around. I had a display in my TOM that went bad, I did rebuild on board (in hopes it was the high power section) and I did not have to buy another plasma display. Worked out, after the rebuild it WAS the display that went bad. So I...
  2. MultiHack3D

    Clear Coating, Mods,Decals... and Cost?

    This is intended as a "whats your thought" on what people do OR dont do to a pin that effects prices. Obviously this IS highly diverse, AND subjective. Its not intended to prove anything, just get peoples theres no right or wrong here just looking for feedback. First off, Clear Coating, I read...
  3. MultiHack3D

    Replacing a rom.... but chip is HARD to remove

    Got a updated Rom for my TZ... but for the life of me I cant pop out the original... seems WAY to hard to pull out. I dont have a chip puller (thingy)... had one way back, cant find it :( Im sure a wedge type motion would do it from underneath... but have fears of munching something since i...
  4. MultiHack3D

    TZ Rom (For no ghosting LED's?)

    Im not sure that im clear... if there is a Rom version (or custom flash) that will fix the ghosting with LED's? From what I have read so far....I just dont see in any descriptions on roms that they cure the ghosting but I know they are capable of doing so. If there is a Rom that can fix this...
  5. MultiHack3D

    Twilight Zone... UBER Cheap slot target fix

    As many may know its a problem target... always bends back, and encourages air balls. I looked around for fixes, and found some ways to get it to keep its shape some guys are welding stuff to the bracket or making modifications that to me, now, seem overkill... you can even go as far as buying a...
  6. MultiHack3D

    Ball "lost" in The Twilight Zone? lol

    Hey peoples!:) I was playing a few tonight and got to a point were the game was looking for a ball missing and wouldent eject a new ball into play. A (stock) TZ takes 5 metal and one ceramic ball, but now all of a sudden it will only play if I add an extra 6th metal ball?! I have checked...
  7. MultiHack3D

    Question, Would a Pinball fit in my Honda CRV?

    I was hoping to pick up my very first pinball over the holidays! But im wondering if anyone has moved one with a older CRV? Im thinking back seats down and sliding it in the back door/hatch. If it fits dimensionaly, would it be physically possible to get it in and out? Cause I see it as a...
  8. MultiHack3D

    WTB Twilight Zone

    Hi There are 2 listed right now... ones a bit of a drive from me the other is not.... IF you are selling one let me know so I can come check it out before I hand over the ca$h-o-la. Thanks a bunch!
  9. MultiHack3D

    FOUND Theater of Magic.... YEAH!!!! FINALLY

    Im sure MANY people want it... and so do I lol! Name your price! Thanks a bunch! ******************** It took 2 years to find... just like Warlock said, Its amazing, CC, new plastics and a amazing cab restore. I wanted it the second I seen it for the first time, problem is he dident want to...