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  1. Rascal

    WTB Rick and Morty

    WTB Spooky Pinball Rick and Morty I know this is a long shot for this pin, but you never know who might be ready to sell and I'm ready to buy.
  2. Rascal

    WTB Stranger Things LE/Premium

    Like the other ad for a WTB Stranger Things except I would be interested in a LE or Premium. There are so few of these in Canada, I don't expect much to be available, but you never know who wants the next new thing from Stern. The only problem I see on the forums with this pin is the amount of...
  3. Rascal

    WTB Manual and Schematics for Family Fun/Star Trip Cocktail

    As above, looking for a manual and schematics for Family Fun/Star Trip cocktail pinball. Also looking for same for another cocktail, Eros One. So rare even Luch doesn't have one.
  4. Rascal

    WTB Game Plan Cocktail Parts and Manual Wanted

    I have a Game Plan Family Fun/Star Trip cocktail I am bring back from the dead and I am looking for a sound board SSU-1 in particular, but would be interested in other circuit boards as well. SDU-1 and LDU-1 boards in particular (Light driver and Solenoid driver). Let me know what you have for...
  5. Rascal


    ELVIRA'S HOUSE OF HORRORS Just putting out the feelers to see if anyone has one and might want to sell.
  6. Rascal

    WTB Cocktail Pinball Machine

    Putting the feelers out to see if there are any working cocktail pinball machine looking for a new home. Not sure all the different titles yet but I am looking for one with lots to shoot at. Let me know what you have.
  7. Rascal

    WTB Titan Rubbers

    Just wondering if anyone in Canada deals with Titan rubbers? Was looking for universal bulk kits that have all the different sizes and a couple different colors.
  8. Rascal

    FOUND LOTR Found

    Spring must be near, I am getting the wants again. Putting out the feelers for a Lord of the Ring either version.
  9. Rascal

    WTB House of the Dead 3 Gun Game

    As the title says, looking for House of the Dead 3 arcade gun game. I would also consider the older versions if nothing comes up with version 3.
  10. Rascal

    WTB South Park Pinball

    Still looking for a South Park pinball if anyone is looking to change up their line up. Shoot me your offer and hopefully we can do business. Price dependent on condition.
  11. Rascal

    Pinball Skeleton

    Made a simple video for fun
  12. Rascal

    skull shooter rod

    Thanks Mike.
  13. Rascal

    WTB Gun Game

    I don't have a particular title picked out yet, just curious what might be for sale in a gun game. It could be an older EM or a newer light gun. Let me know if you have something up for grabs. One older title that caught my eye was the old Midway Haunted House, but I don't figure there are too...
  14. Rascal

    Alberta pin pick up

    There is a pin in Alberta I am looking at but the seller will not get involved in wrapping and palletting. Is there anyone in Alberta that could offer that service of pick-up and wrapping of one pin for shipping.
  15. Rascal

    WTB South Park

    Still looking.............. if anyone is interested in selling their South Park Pinball please feel free to let me know. Prefer HUO, but could be interested in most any condition.
  16. Rascal

    Random Old Parts

    I have a couple old parts kicking around. Just wondering if anyone can identify which pins these pop bumper caps, the clown, and those big ass flippers might have came from?
  17. Rascal

    FOUND Bally Centaur

    Looking for either a Centaur or South Park in most any condition. Let me know what you got for sale and we can work a deal.
  18. Rascal

    3D Printed Bally Drop Target

    After repeatedly breaking old brittle drop targets, I thought I would try to make one before I buy new. I may have to print the whole set (11) in a couple different colors. They may not be as nice as originals with the little devils, but I could always add decals. What do you think?
  19. Rascal

    Bally Wiring harness Replacements

    Just wondering if anyone could help? I'm looking to replace many wire harness connectors on an old Bally FB2. Where is the best place to get replacements, and is there a kit available??
  20. Rascal

    WTB South Park

    Trying again, looking for a Sega South Park. I am in Nova Scotia but have had many good transactions from members on this forum in Ontario, as long as the seller doesn't mind wrapping for shipping, and this can be figured in the price of the machine. Sameday shipping will come right to your...