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  1. chris silver

    FS "HUO" Stellar Wars

    For sale is my “HUO” Stellar Wars for $1800. Many of you who have been to the second Canada PinCon would remember playing this game in the IFPA sanctioned tournament. This mostly removes the HUO concept from the game, but there’s a little more. This game has an interesting history to it….. My...
  2. chris silver

    2020 Hawkesbury Flea Fair

    Early March, snow on the ground and a sunny day. Sounds like a good time to bring up the Hawkesbury Flea Fair and look forward to spring. So.... the first weekend in June (June 6-7) as always since 2014 look forward to another full fledged action packed Flea Fair. There's a twist. We'll...
  3. chris silver

    WTB Gottlieb Spirit

    I am searching for a Gottlieb Spirit in any condition. It has always been my dream pin sitting at the top of my wants list forever and would stay as a definite keeper in my collection. Gaining this title means a lot to me. At present I have too many pins and am willing to trade multiples...
  4. chris silver

    Announcing Canada PinCon 2018

    Canada PinCon 2018 - Progression OK everybody here it is. Get your game on. This is the official launch of Canada PinCon 2018! You know the drill. There will be pinball and arcade machines along with tournaments of both sorts. The CNPO (Canadian National Pinball Open) will be an IFPA...
  5. chris silver

    Bowling Alley Closing Sale

    Bowling alley closing in Toronto. Kijiji ad has lots of stuff for sale and says remove it yourself. I'm sure there's a good deal to be had. I think the Bluffs could use this info for carpet and cool seating. Its sad to see the death of yet another bowling alley, but I'm sure the contents can...
  6. chris silver

    Contemplating Canada PinCon 2018

    Hey everybody, Canada PinCon Evolution 2017 was a blast!!! I've been asked lots of questions for the longest time now. I'm considering the concept of doing it again and continuing on that scale (if not bigger) for 2018. We had a lot of support from so many people through all aspects and pulled...
  7. chris silver

    Popular Mechanics - The Mesmerizing Mechanics of an Old-School Pinball Machine

    This is a great link especially with a Saturday morning coffee. There is an interesting introductory video attached from Make Magazine. I hope you enjoy. http://www.popularmechanics.com/technology/gadgets/a28795/inside-the-gorgeous-guts-of-pinball-mechanics/ The artist/mastermind/engineer...
  8. chris silver

    What if Steve Young.......

    What if Steve Young was to close his doors, sell Pinball Resource or heaven forbid pass away? From what I understand regarding his company, his books are mostly stored in his head. How would an event like one of these effect the hobby/industry?
  9. chris silver

    Canada PinCon - Brewery Tour Shuttle Bus

    I love that phrase. As you know, Canada PinCon will be serviced by Beau's Brewery. The best and fastest growing micro brewery in Canada. 15 minutes up the road from the convention centre is their brewery. Beau's has agreed to offer a shuttle service to and from the convention for a brief...
  10. chris silver

    Canada PinCon Accommodations

    There are three motel rooms left at Stephanie's. $90 a night for one, the other two are discounted at $100 a night which are Jacuzzi rooms. Just say you're here for the pinball convention to get the Jacuzzi room discount. Stephanie's (613) 632-2783 1686 ON-34, Hawkesbury, ON K6A 2R2
  11. chris silver

    Holy List of Pins

    OK Pinball Revolution. This is the master list of games coming to Canada PinCon June 3-4. Things are pretty quiet in this forum. People are coming from as far as London, Mississauga, Nova Scotia and Vermont. We're trying to make something big and Canadian here. More pins and bits in the flea...
  12. chris silver

    Canada PinCon - Free T-Shirts

    Everyone bringing at least one pinball machine or arcade game to Canada PinCon gets a free T-shirt. There are some small problems at the moment with the new designs so I'll be resorting to the original T-shirt concept for now unless things change in the very near future. You will get a black...
  13. chris silver

    Favourite Feature

    After reading that fantastic Star Gazer thread it got me thinking about my favourite feature in a pinball machine. Everyone has something they look for when buying a pin. I have a buddy that hates games without inlanes and he needs at least 1 pop bumper. To each their own. The one thing that...
  14. chris silver

    WTB Gottlieb Punk

    I know its not a fantastic pin or pretty at all but I'd like a Gottlieb Punk in whatever condition.
  15. chris silver

    WTB System 11A Display Bits

    Hi I'm looking for either the numeric displays and/or an entire board for my Williams Fire. Any help appreciated. Thanks.
  16. chris silver

    Announcing Canada PinCon - Evolution

    Remember the Hawkesbury Flea Fair? It is said that all good things come to an end. Not necessarily........sometimes they evolve. With the support of our sponsors, through the assistance of the vendors, pinball related venues, operators and repair techs we are proud to announce the birth of...
  17. chris silver

    WTB Gottlieb Punk

    I would like to get a Gottlieb Punk. If you or anyone you know of has one they might consider selling I would appreciate a heads up. Thanks in advance.
  18. chris silver

    SOLD Haunted House

    For sale is my 1982 Gottlieb Haunted House. I decided to hang on and play it for a bit. It's back up for sale. :-) All the service bulletins have been carried out. I might post some better pictures. I'm interested in trades on any titles listed in my signature and maybe other titles if...
  19. chris silver

    Olympia Bowl - 2016 Hawkesbury Pinball Flea Fair

    Well guys its a go! 2016 Hawkesbury Flea Fair June 3-5, 2016 (TBD) Address: Olympia Bowl 1431 Lansdowne, Hawkesbury, ON K6A 1J5 The only question now is how long do you guys want it? I've been offered the facility and the grounds for the entire weekend. We can casually unload Friday, enjoy a...
  20. chris silver

    SOLD Flash Gordon

    Straight out of the gate as the title says I'm selling my 1981 Bally Flash Gordon and I'm looking for $1400. I'd much rather trade because putting a price is always complicated. I asked a good friend of mine who frequently buys/sells/trades pins and he did his calculations on pricing for me. He...