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  1. Devilishbob

    Looking for 2 Alpha numeric display for Williams Road kings.

    Let me know if you have something.
  2. Devilishbob

    Looking for - Tales from the Crypt plastics

    Just like member AMX, I’m looking for specific Tales From the Crypt plastic parts. Here are pictures of wanted items : Plastic number ? Plastic 19 - and I need the plastic that goes under it too... Thanks in advance !
  3. Devilishbob

    WTB Coin doors – Data East and others.

    1 - I’m looking for a coin door for a Data East pinball. 2 - Some friends are building up Mame arcade machines. They need coin doors but they don’t need to be operative – it’s for the look. They need 4 in total. Don’t have to be alike. They look for doors with door frame, 2 release buttons and...