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  1. Monkeybug

    Pinball Browser - Changing Songs and Song Images

    Do you have a video of the IM game? Did you trim the songs to fit the replaced songs?
  2. Monkeybug

    Funhouse 2.0 Rudy's Nightmare

    I think that is around the price point. Interesting that it can play the original version, using the original roms as well (no emulation).
  3. Monkeybug


    Rumour on Pinside is they might be delayed by a few months.
  4. Monkeybug

    Pinball Expo 2021

    Livestream: https://www.twitch.tv/pinballexpo
  5. Monkeybug

    GnR Orders after Dec 2020

    Some people were reporting on Pinside ordering games last Oct/Nov and just receiving delivery of them now.
  6. Monkeybug

    Iron Maiden Pro vs Premium

    If you want to play the game for a year and sell it, then get a pro. If you like the band and/or the game and its a long term keeper, I would get the premium if its in your budget. I prefer the premium but the pro is solid (unlike Led Zeppelin where the pro is really lacking).
  7. Monkeybug

    SOLD Ghostbusters Pro

    Wow, GB didn't last long.
  8. Monkeybug

    Can anyone fix my MAME?

    Did you try turning it off and on again?
  9. Monkeybug

    SOLD Restored Indiana Jones (1993)

    Game is now sold and gone to a good home.
  10. Monkeybug

    Molex Connector and Pin Part Numbers

    Great Plains is a great source and very pinball specific if you have questions. Not in Canada but useful if you are not sure what to order. https://www.greatplainselectronics.com/categories.asp?cat=35 This site might also be of help...
  11. Monkeybug

    Flipper part

    https://www.pinballleds.ca/ is local source. Send them a message.
  12. Monkeybug

    SOLD TMNT Premium

    Solid seller and 100% drama free!
  13. Monkeybug

    SOLD Restored Indiana Jones (1993)

    Hi, I have decided to post the game for sale since I am not finding the trade I want. I am still looking for a MMr (or maybe a JP Prem/LE?). The head will need to come off to move up the stairs. More pictures and description at...
  14. Monkeybug

    WTB ICB &/OR Beatles?

    I think Player1 may still have some Beatles in stock.
  15. Monkeybug

    SOLD Bram stokers dracula

    I agree. If you want a challenging game, this is it.