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  1. J

    FS Led Zeppelin Side Armor Lower Price $350

    BNIB Led Zeppelin side armor $350 Willing to ship at buyers expense
  2. J

    WTB WCS & TWD Highspeed , whirlwind & pinbot

    nothing ? one TWD? please :)
  3. J

    SOLD Deadpool Premium - HUO

    Not looking for trades , but thx for the offer
  4. J

    SOLD Deadpool Premium - HUO

    Mint example , Shooter knob , sideart & Pingulp only extras. Not willing to ship $9800.00
  5. J

    WTB WCS & TWD Highspeed , whirlwind & pinbot

    id be looking for an original. thx!
  6. J

    WTB WCS & TWD Highspeed , whirlwind & pinbot

    Good - Great Quality TWD any version & WCS 94 alos looking for High Speed , Pinbot & whirlwind.. no projects please!
  7. J

    SOLD Iron Maiden Premium

    No serious interest will try again when things hopefully return to normal... stay safe everyone!
  8. J

    SOLD Iron Maiden Premium

    Last reduction $9500.00
  9. J

    SOLD Iron Maiden Premium

    New Price $9600.00
  10. J

    SOLD Iron Maiden Premium

    HUO I am only owner. Purchased From player one around 6 months ago. Game Is stock except added tilt graphic side art blades and an Iron Maiden pin gulp. Games Looks and plays Perfect! Looking for Good examples of TWD Premium AFMR SE & MMR SE sale price asking $9500.00 Will post photos...
  11. J

    Hey Damien , if you don’t find a trade that you like , I’d be a buyer at $8250 ... just...

    Hey Damien , if you don’t find a trade that you like , I’d be a buyer at $8250 ... just something to think about !
  12. J


    Looking for a good quality world cup soccer,,,the better quality the more i will pay. thank you!
  13. J


    Purchased NIB 2 years ago By Myself. A Few minor Mods installed , everything is like new , plays as it should etc etc. The Start Button light does not work but the button does. the back 6 lights are out as well i went to change a bulb and i think a fuse is out. I know zero about fixing the...
  14. J


    i am new to this site..but i really want this game!.. i am in toronto...not sure if i reply here or if there is some sort of email option?..anyway please get back to me so we can discuss further...thank you!