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    SOLD [SOLD]: C37 + 48-1 For Sale

    C37 and 48-1 Combo Deal I need to sell my C37 Pinball and my 48-1 Stand Up – Moving to Europe and this is the only reason that these would leave my basement. The C37 is in a very high condition and been nothing but an exceptional playing machine since I got it from Dr Sparky about 2 years ago...
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    EIght Ball Deluxe or Jack to Open or any classic wedgehead

    Looking for the bog standard Eight Ball Deluxe or a classic wedge head like Jack to Open or El Doraldo Want a plug and play Have today a C37 and need another machine Thanks Located in the Beach Area Toronto
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    [FOUND]: Eight Ball Deluxe or Genie

    Hello , I am new to this forum but an old Macca Member , glad to see a new forum where the focus is on games I am looking for a the above Gotllieb Machines or any wedge head that is in good ( not great ) play-able condition . The machines are simply to go in the Man Cave and site beside my C37...