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  1. ManaLounge

    FOUND Elvis

    Looking for an Elvis for a customer Dm me if you have one! South western Ontario preferred
  2. ManaLounge

    FS Stern Venom Limited Edition Pinball - New Condition

    Yeah I don't understand the lack of love this game gets. I quite enjoy it! Glws!
  3. ManaLounge

    FS/FT 1993 Williams Indiana Jones Pinball Adventure

    I have it up in groups for $17.5k but honestly would rather trade. Very fun game indeed but it's bothering my OCD next to the Stern LEs lol
  4. ManaLounge

    FS/FT 1993 Williams Indiana Jones Pinball Adventure

    I'm probably going to regret getting rid of this pin the 3rd time, but I'm really looking to trade for a Deadpool LE or other high end machine. Details: - Was a Poolman restoration - Really beautiful machine top to bottom - Brass lockdown, legs, rails - I believe he clear coated it - Playfield...
  5. ManaLounge

    TIP FREE delivery to Ottawa July 20th weekend!

    The Mana Lounge will be attending the Ottawa Pinball Arcade John Wick Launch party this coming weekend (July 20th) and I'm offering free delivery on any machines and parts! I still have room in the trailer for a couple more games currently. Dm me if you're after anything...
  6. ManaLounge

    WTB Deadpool LE

    Looking to trade for a Deadpool LE Lots to offer! DM me if you're looking for a trade
  7. ManaLounge

    WTB John Wick LE

    Have one left in stock in London. Dm'd!
  8. ManaLounge

    FS John Wick Pro Pinball $9690

    Agreed Dave. This is a very underrated game imo and has tons of room to grow. Fast loops and ramps, with a nice open mid section. Right up my alley! GLWS!
  9. ManaLounge

    Stern Godzilla 70th Announced!

    Price is $9499 USD ($12,949 CAD as of today) plus tax Looking like availability will be early August! We are taking pre-orders. DM if interested or take a look here: https://www.manalounge.ca/products/godzilla-70th-anniversary-pinball-machine-by-stern-deposit
  10. ManaLounge

    Stern Godzilla 70th Announced!

    As speculated!! Unlimited Premium alternate version of 'Zilla. In production as long as demand is there. EDIT: Looks like themed accessories are coming Q4...
  11. ManaLounge

    FOUND HUO Jurassic Park Pro

    I know you're looking for used, but we have a NIB in stock and will be in the Ottawa area for July 20th and can deliver for free! Price is $9549 + tax, and we do take trade in as well! DM me if interested :)
  12. ManaLounge

    FS [PREORDER] Rush Pro and Premium

    Hey folks! Stern is doing one more run of Rush made to order (this fall)! Price would be - Pro $7k USD ($9,549 CAD) + tax - Premium $9.5k USD ($12,949 CAD) + tax Pre-orders end on July 15. Free delivery available in the London area and reasonable shipping rates across Canada! Dm if...
  13. ManaLounge

    SOLD DP Prem

    Just chiming in, yes, you do want Jaws Premium :). Its so good! Its quickly rising to my favorite game
  14. ManaLounge

    Stern Jaws

    That is my curse. If one has a hat, they all need hats :)
  15. ManaLounge

    John Wick next from Stern

    What's everyone's thoughts on Wick now that it's on location in a few spots? We just set ours up at the store, and I'm actually really enjoying it. Seems like my kind of pin. Feels open and fast, not super punishing. Some neat callouts from the movies (and not sure who said no guns, but...
  16. ManaLounge

    FOUND IC Sterns - Rush, BKSOR, TMNT etc...

    Damn you guys are making me blush. Thank you both for choosing us! We're thrilled to be in this hobby and a more active part of the community!
  17. ManaLounge

    Mana Lounge - Free Delivery to Central Ontario Fest!

    Its the official Stern HD glass and costs $330 + Tax You can view it here: https://www.manalounge.ca/collections/pinball-accessories/products/hd-playfield-glass-stern
  18. ManaLounge

    TIP 2nd Annual Central Ontario Arcade & Pinball Fest - Saturday, June 1st, 2024

    Hey all! Jeff from the Mana Lounge here. (Just saw this thread and posted in General before hand, woops!) but we'll be at the event this year (Thanks so much to Rob for the invite!!) So if you want anything delivered for free, just hit me up and I'll bring it up for ya! Of particular...
  19. ManaLounge

    Mana Lounge - Free Delivery to Central Ontario Fest!

    Heya folks! The Mana Lounge is excited to be part of the upcoming festival in Wasaga. We're going to be bringing a few machines (including a new Wick!) for y'all to play so come on by, flip a few and say hi! We're also happy to bring any orders up there for free delivery, including any of the...
  20. ManaLounge

    FS [Pre-Order] John Wick is up!

    Sounds like sour grapes Phil. As the 'great' entrepreneur that you suggest you are, you should be able to comprehend policies and not try to subvert them. The correct way to do it is to list in USD, convert on day of sale at the market rate for USD:CAD. 'Working smartly with a variable dollar'...