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  1. Mike Walsh

    FS HotWheels new price $6,999.00

    Bump, for this great game at an awesome price!!
  2. Mike Walsh

    SOLD The Hobbit Pinball Machine $13,000

    Sold, deposit received, prepping for shipping. Special thanks to Trevor ( Trebec ) for bringing the buyer and seller together. Also thanks to everyone above for the endorsements. This is truly an awesome community!!! Mike
  3. Mike Walsh

    SOLD The Hobbit Pinball Machine $13,000

    Bump for this awesome game!!! I can throw in a mini bag of Doritos!
  4. Mike Walsh

    FS HotWheels new price $6,999.00

    Update….. A mini bag of Dorito’s are now part of this fantastic deal on this great game! Lol
  5. Mike Walsh

    FS HotWheels new price $6,999.00

    Friday bump $6,999.00 Game is in excellent shape. March 2021 production.
  6. Mike Walsh

    SOLD The Hobbit Pinball Machine $13,000

    Need to make room for a new toy, Lol. The Hobbit Pinball Machine in great shape! $13,000 I will post some pictures when I get home.
  7. Mike Walsh

    FS HotWheels new price $6,999.00

    Some pictures………
  8. Mike Walsh

    FS HotWheels new price $6,999.00

    Thanks guy’s! New price now $7,495.00 Plus now a mini bag of chips and a mini chocolate bar!!!
  9. Mike Walsh

    FS HotWheels new price $6,999.00

    Really nice HotWheels pinball for sale. Game plays fast and fun! Great family theme or would be awesome in the man cave. Game is in excellent shape! There is one scratch on the right side of the cabinet. I can prep and pack for shipping. I have sold a few games on this site in the past. Price...
  10. Mike Walsh

    SOLD STTNG-reduced

    Really Nice! GLWS!!
  11. Mike Walsh

    Suggestions for modern vintage feel?

    I agree! I would also ad Joker Poker. The solid State version for that EM charm but with the reliability of Solid State!
  12. Mike Walsh

    SOLD Godzilla Pro HUO

    Great game and great seller. Buy with confidence!
  13. Mike Walsh

    Forget Foo & Godfather...GTF!!!

    I think AP is innovative and a nice change from the norm. Good on them for mixing it up and keeping the hobby interesting! I owned a Hot Wheels and thought it was a fun game plus great value for the price. I have played Houdini and thought the same. They get a big thumbs up from me!
  14. Mike Walsh

    SOLD Jurassic Park (Pro) $8500 without topper

    If I didn’t already have the Premium I would be all over this! Someone is going to get an amazing deal! GLWS!
  15. Mike Walsh

    SOLD Ripley's Believe it or Not

    Wow! Amazing looking example of this game!! I recently purchased a game from Trevor. He is an honest and up front seller! I’m very picky when it comes to shipping but he took it to a whole new level. A+++ seller, buy with confidence!