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  1. Damien

    SOLD TNA fully loaded!

    This is a super nice HUO TNA with every upgrade including: - Backlit side armor - Upgraded pop bumper - Clear drop targets - Mirror blades - Factory upgraded speaker grill with lights Well maintained, with very low plays, and with only 550 ever made, it's hard to find an example like this...
  2. Damien


    Excellent condition, HUO. You can ask people on this forum about my games - they're all pristine! Selling it only because I'm planning to buy another game. Comes with radioactive container light mod ($70) and a shaker motor ($150). Price is $8200. PM if interested.
  3. Damien

    SOLD Hobbit Smaug Gold LE

    Up for sale is a beautiful Hobbit. Playfield is in perfect condition and the game has been well maintained. Price is $12,000 I've done a lot of deals locally, so let me know if you would like any references to know you're dealing with confidence.
  4. Damien

    SOLD Hobbit Smaug Gold LE

    Have this gorgeous game available for sale. I'll get some photos posted shortly. Price is $10,500 PM if interested.
  5. Damien

    SOLD Avengers Infinity Quest LE

    Considering trading my pristine AIQ LE. Looking for: - POTC LE - GnR LE -Dialed In LE
  6. Damien

    SOLD Hobbit Smaug Gold LE

    Hobbit Smaug Gold LE in excellent condition. Everything works perfectly, and shooter lane looks like day one. Looking for the following trades (with cash depending on game): - POTC LE - Dialed In LE - WOZ Ruby Red - Willy Wonka - EHOH Would also consider selling for $10,500. Message me if...
  7. Damien

    SOLD Have: Deadpool LE & Hobbit - Want: POTC, Dialed In LE, TNA, WOZ

    I have a mint Deadpool LE and a Hobbit Smaug. I'm looking to trade for any of the following: - POTC LE - Dialed In LE - TNA - WOZ Ruby Red Message me if you're interested. Cheers.
  8. Damien

    FOUND: SuperChexx

    Looking for a mint HUO SuperChexx or SuperChexx Pro. Message if you're selling. Cheers.
  9. Damien

    FOUND Hobbit Smaug Gold for Dialed In LE or TNA

    I have a very nice Hobbit Smaug Gold Edition that I'd be willing to trade for a Dialed In LE or TNA. Message if interested. Cheers.
  10. Damien

    SOLD Hobbit Smaug LE

    I have a gorgeous example of a Smaug Limited Edition, with upgraded shooter rod, and some extra figures (that are currently not on the game). Ask anyone about my games, I only own and sell machines that are in mint condition. Price is $10,500. Photos to follow when I have a chance to take them.
  11. Damien

    SOLD Deadpool LE - Low plays, absolutely mint!

    I'm in no rush to let this game go, but the one game I'm looking for at the moment is Pirates. If you have a mint HUO and want to trade, please get in touch. I'll of course add some money to the deal to balance out the values of the games. Cheers.
  12. Damien

    SOLD Iron Maiden Premium

    Considering selling my mint HUO Iron Maiden Premium. Absolutely spotless and meticulously maintained. Official Stern art blades installed, Cliffy protectors on shooter lane, and also comes with a spare ramp. Price is $9800. PM if interested.
  13. Damien

    WTB Deadpool (any), WOZ, Hobbit, Wonka, or TNA

    Looking for any of these games, mint HUO. Message me if you're looking to sell. Cheers.
  14. Damien

    WTB Dialed In LE

    Looking for a HUO mint game. PM if you have one.
  15. Damien

    SOLD NIB ColorDMD (LCD) for SAM games

    I bought this ColorDMD for my Walking Dead, but I have since sold my game. The ColorDMD is brand new in the box, and comes with the standoff kit for Walking Dead. I paid $423 USD, plus $50 USD shipping, and $70 CAD in duties. I'm selling this for $425 USD (PayPal preferred) and you can pick...
  16. Damien

    WTB WOZ Ruby Red, Hobbit, Deadpool, TNA

    I'm interested in purchasing the games above. I'd be open to all models of Deadpool. Get in touch if you have any of these. Cheers.
  17. Damien

    SOLD Game of Thrones Premium with extras!

    From what I can tell, this is the first GoT premium ever sold on PinRev! Definitely a game that doesn't come up often for sale, and for many good reasons. Game is in excellent condition, and plays super strong with newly rebuilt flippers. Some of the extras included are: - Shaker motor ($99...
  18. Damien

    FOUND Game of Thrones Premium for WOZ

    Have a nice Game of Thrones premium with upgraded side armour, upgraded LED speakers, and a nice Direwolves shooter rod. Looking for a WOZ. Preferably a Ruby Red. I have someone out of province with one, but first just checking to see if there is a trade locally which would make things easier...
  19. Damien

    SOLD The Walking Dead Pro with new playfield

    Finally reached the wizard mode, so it's time to move on. I have a brand new fully populated playfield that the new owner could swap out, so you essentially would have a brand new game. Everything is 10/10 condition. Price is firm at $7000. Message if interested.
  20. Damien

    WTB WOZ with 2.0 boards

    Looking for a WOZ, preferably Ruby Red, but open to Emerald too. Has to have 2.0 lights boards. Message if interested in selling. Thanks!