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  1. TrueJedi

    FS Tron Interactive Ramp Light Kit

    This just came in last month from the states and is still in it’s sealed packaging. Has not been opened or used. Manufactured by Pinduino. Paid $200 U.S. + taxes, shipping and duty. Asking $225 Canadian. Located in Peterborough. Possible shipping at buyers expense...
  2. TrueJedi

    SOLD 1993 Data East Last Action Hero

    I’ve had this machine for about 4 years and it’s been lightly used in a home/family environment for that term. I purchased it off an elderly gentleman who had it in his family’s finished basement for 10+ years also with very light use. Prior to that I can’t attest to its history. Details: -...
  3. TrueJedi

    SOLD Meet the Flintstones

    This is a players condition Williams Flintstones in good overall condition and plays well. I purchased it this past spring from a friend. Much work was already invested. We’ve recently moved and I’m limited on space. Details: - New colour LED DMD display from the famous Dino. This includes the...
  4. TrueJedi

    FOUND Tron

    Looking for a Tron in the Ontario area. Prefer HUO. I’m in Peterborough, but willing to travel within reason.
  5. TrueJedi

    WTB Flintstones Playfield Cartoon Decal

    Looking for a Flintstones playfield cartoon decal. I had purchased one off Pinball Haus on Pinside for $15 USD, but he had to cancel the order because Australia is not permitted to ship to Canada currently due to Covid-19. I've heard some people have printed copies in the GTA and thought I'd...
  6. TrueJedi

    SOLD Spider-Man Vault Edition

    I purchased this new in box Spider-Man VE from P1 in March 2018. I’m the only owner with light HUO use and the pin is in immaculate condition. There’s under 700 plays on the audits and it was purchased with the latest code, so no stats wiped. Goodie bag has never been opened and remains sealed...
  7. TrueJedi

    2019 CNE Gaming Garage - Aug 16-18

    CNE Gaming Garage is Back! Aug 16th, 17th, 18th Arcades e-Sports Pinball – Free play & tournaments Retro consoles Trading Card Games Virtual Reality https://theex.com/main/entertainment/cne-gaming-garage/ Access to the Gaming Garage is part of your general CNE admission which will allow you...
  8. TrueJedi

    FOUND WOZ Standard Witch Tube

    Like many WOZ machines out there mine has the castle and witch well upgrade. I like the castle walls upgrade, but not as fussy on the witch well. I do not have the original witch tube part # 30-000030-00 and was wondering if someone has a standard witch tube sitting around they wouldn't mind...
  9. TrueJedi

    SOLD Bally Strikes & Spares - SPPU

    1978 Bally Strikes & Spares in solid players condition. I've owned this machine for about 2 years and it's had light home use. I bought it from a couple who was retiring and selling their family home. They had it in their home for just over 10 years. - Back glass is in nice shape - Battery has...
  10. TrueJedi

    Machines That Smell of Smoke

    I get arcades use to be full of smoke back in the 80s, but curious today with the high value of pins do machines that are used in smoking environments get devalued and if so by how much? With a young family at home a machine in our basement smelling of smoke doesn’t work for us, but curious how...
  11. TrueJedi

    WTB <Delete>

    Delete post.
  12. TrueJedi

    Pinfeast at the CNE Toronto for 2019

    - Cross posting on behalf of Eddie Dorazio - "I am in process of organizing a Pinfeast at the CNE for 2019. Consists of anyone wanting to seek a pinball or video game. Room for 200 to 400 machines. Must be left at CNE for three day show. Machines will have for sale on them and can be...
  13. TrueJedi

    Deadpool - CNE Toronto Aug 24/25/26

    Yes, you read correctly. Jerry from Player 1 has managed to secure in time a Deadpool for the CNE Gaming Garage this weekend. Just one more reason to visit the EX this weekend. More info on this event here -->...
  14. TrueJedi


    The DRAPL STORE IS expanding! - LED lights/posts/flashers/RGB/Strips/Pop bumpers - Flipper Rubbers (various flipper sizes & colours) - DMD Reflector Blades - Targets for older machines - Star Posts - Pop bumper parts - Connectors - Carbon steel balls - & more to come...
  15. TrueJedi

    2018 CNE Gaming Garage – Aug 24-26

    The CNE gaming garage is returning in 2018 for Friday August 24 through Sunday August 26. Instead of 1 event, like last year, there will be 3 events taking place. There will be various cash prizes awarded within each event. Bring a Pin – Get in for free all 3 days As we look to expand the...
  16. TrueJedi

    Stern Star Wars v1.01.0 (Mar 1, 2018)

    This code contains bug fixes and enhancements. Pro Code v 1.01.0: http://www.sternpinball.com/games/star/pro Premium Code 1.01.0: http://www.sternpinball.com/games/star/premium Limited Edition 1.01.0: http://www.sternpinball.com/games/star/limit PRO V1.01 - March 01, 2018...
  17. TrueJedi

    Little Shop of Games - Order Placement

    Has anyone ordered from Little Shop of Games out of Florida recently? I placed an order earlier this week, received a confirmation # on screen, but no email was received confirming the order placement. I've emailed them directly as well with my order # and stating Payment was confirmed via...
  18. TrueJedi

    Mylar or Mylar Substitute

    Hi, picked up a pin a few months back. I notice some of the mylar pieces are starting to peel in the corners. I don't see any Canadian companies selling Mylar. Are people picking their replacement up from the states? Is there a better alternative? I've seen a few posts about Avery alternatives...