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  1. Thom Smith

    FS Flash Gordon

    Does anyone here know a Brad Hopkins? He has an ad up on Facebook Marketplace for a Flash Gordon, . The ad says he is in London so maybe some of the London gang might know him. Many thanks. Thom Sent from my moto g(7) plus using Tapatalk
  2. Thom Smith

    WTB Williams Pinbot

    Hi there. My interest has been piqued as a result of a listing I saw on the Pinball Outlet website. They are listing a Pinbot for 3495CDN. I’m no expert but that seems a tad higher than average so unless it’s spotless and fully shopped out, I think I’ll throw my line in the waters here and see...
  3. Thom Smith


    So, being new to the world of pinball collecting and being of limited space, I was wondering if folks out there collect a series of machines? I'm thinking of things like Comet/Cyclone/Hurricane or Firepower/Firepower II. Sort of a way of tracking the evolution of certain pinballs. I suppose...
  4. Thom Smith

    ReplayFX 2020

    Is there anyone going to ReplayFX this year?
  5. Thom Smith

    Kijiji - Time Zone

    Hi there. Just thought I would check here for info on this listing; https://www.kijiji.ca/v-toys-games/london/time-zone-pinball/1484015468?undefined. Does anyone here know this individual or is this individual a member here. Just trying to get some input re price, etc before I enter into...
  6. Thom Smith

    PinSim on Tested for VR pinball

    Hello, Just watched this and was blown away. What a great interface for the world of VR pinball. I realize from watching that VR pinball is not a new thing, nor is the PinSim, but this is the latest rendition with some pretty sweet mods. I think I have a weekend project coming up. Thom
  7. Thom Smith

    Something by way of introduction...

    I just wanted to take some time for the obligatory introduction. At the moment, I do not own any pinballs currently nor have I in the past. I do own a Seeburg LPC-480 jukebox, but that's another story. Unlike so many of these introductions that I have read here, I don't have a lot of memories...
  8. Thom Smith

    Pinball Exchange - Hamilton

    Hi, Can anyone offer me some insight into Pinball Exchange in Hamilton? I'm Looking to buy and want to know what they are like to deal with. Some things about their website leave me scratching my head, like an inventory page that hasn't been updated since Sept 2014. Thanks, Thom Smith
  9. Thom Smith

    WTB Williams Firepower

    I've been bitten by the bug. Looking to purchase Firepower. I love the look of the play mechanics and its got just the right amount of flash for my taste. Condition is not a huge concern. I do love me a challenge so it doesn't have to be pristine. Will travel if distance is reasonable. Thanks