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  1. Golden Graham

    WTB Pac-Man

    Looking for a friend. Wants to buy an original Pac-Man game (upright arcade or table top) to give his wife for their 25th anniversary. Thanks!
  2. Golden Graham

    WTB Looking for a Stern 5v/12v power splitter

    Just seeing if anyone knows if any Canadian seller sells these. Thanks
  3. Golden Graham

    WTB Pinbits LOTR

    Hey guys. Looking to buy the pinbits LOTR figure mounting plastic protectors if anyone has a spare set. Thanks Kyle
  4. Golden Graham

    WTB POTC and IJ4(stern)

    Looking for both these titles. Let me know. Prefer stellar examples.
  5. Golden Graham

    WTB Stranger Things

    Looking for a Stranger Things LE or Prem. Message if you are looking to sell. Thanks Kyle
  6. Golden Graham

    WTB LOTR Plastic protectors

    Hi all. Pinbits is sold out of their LOTR protectors. I sent a message asking anyway, but I am looking for a set of plastic protectors for this machine. Preferably the ones with the figure mounting holes. If anyone has a set they want to part with or know of where I might some, that info would...
  7. Golden Graham

    SOLD MonsterBashLE

    For sale is my mint MBLE. I will let the pictures speak for themselves. Asking $11 500 obo Low plays (130) perfect condition. Feel free to ask any questions. Looks like it just came out of the box. Only thing added were plastic protectors and a Cliffy (or I have the Cliffy...I’ll have to check)...
  8. Golden Graham

    MMRLE VUK/Coil issue?

    Haven't posted in a while...in fact, haven't even turned my machine on in a while! I did today, it has roughly only 350 plays on it. During my first game, my ball went into the moat trough and the VUK wouldn't kick it up. When the machine attempted to look for the ball, that coil wouldn't fire...
  9. Golden Graham

    SOLD Trifecta??

    Hi guys. I know that a “group” sell is difficult but I’m going to throw it out there in case.... I have a MMRLE, AFMLE, MBLE with mods, Cliffy’s, 3D translites, etc. I could sell individually, but perhaps someone out there wants all 3? Interested party’s can offer (for whatever you want), just...
  10. Golden Graham


    Still searching for a beautiful example of a LOTR machine (either model). Willing to trade a machine towards it....MBLE, AFMLE or MMLE
  11. Golden Graham

    WTB Classic Mustangs for sale? Any other vintage car?

    Hey guys and girls. Looking at delving into the classic car world and was wondering if anyone knew of someone selling a '69 Mustang Mach 1, or something similar to that era (Camaro, Vette etc). Possibly getting out of the pinball hobby to explore something else. I bought a restaurant and moved...
  12. Golden Graham


    The wait is officially over....well, almost. Too busy tonight. Won’t unbox until Sunday most likely; but at least it’s here!! It’s friends are waiting patiently....
  13. Golden Graham

    Looking for Tickets

    Hey guys. Not pinball related but figured that you Toronto guys might have an in... I am looking for Jays tickets (against the Yankees, preferably weekend). I am trying to get as close to field level or behind the Yankee dugout. If anyone knows of someone selling....let me know! (I would need 6...
  14. Golden Graham


    Hey guys. Just wondered if there was a solution to a minor issue I have with my AFMrLE. After 10 games or so, my SOL coil will no longer eject the ball to my left flipper, instead it will shoot SDTM or “trickle” to the right flipper. It does this at least have the time but only after continual...
  15. Golden Graham


    While I am waiting for my MBLE to arrive (looks like it is going to be a little longer than first anticipated), are there any insights as to what game CGC will do next? I spoke with Ryan on the phone and he couldn't really give me any leads. I wish they would so that I can decide to start...
  16. Golden Graham

    SOLD JP....need some objective help with price

    Hey all. I have sold my METLE and ACDC Prem, next up may be my beloved JP. I am going to post some pictures...can I please ask at this time what you think this one is worth? Again, I think I have been very fair to other buyers, just looking for some help. Mods are: cliffy’s, opening gate mod...
  17. Golden Graham

    Another one lands!

    AFMLE 343 Black trim is finally here! Thanks Sara, PPS and Roadrunner freight! No thanks to customs though - worst part! Lol
  18. Golden Graham

    She’s in the house! HOUDINI

    Got her in. Against all odds.....not hard in the least. An instant winner imho.
  19. Golden Graham

    TIP Good guy alert...Damien

    Hey guys. Just wanted to give a polite shout out and vote of confidence to PBR member Damien. If you haven’t met him, deal in confidence. I took him up my METLE yesterday and he was a pleasure to deal with. (The drive may have been tedious, but it was easier than using his car which was a...
  20. Golden Graham

    Jurassic Park....FS? Please read question!

    Hey guys. Just seeing what the market is on a JP currently. Condition is crucial I know so let's just say the Playfield is probably an 8-9 (only wear is covered by cliffys and all plastics are perfect); and the cab is an 7-8 (some touch-ups on the head). Extra JP licensed Dino's, white power...