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  1. Pinballer

    FOUND Williams Ball Trough

    Looking for a Ball Trough Assembly, like image. I don't need the optical boards, just the mechanical assembly, with or without solenoid. It could have divots as I can deal with that. This is for a custom Pinball machine where I am replacing the old system with this newer nineties style ball...
  2. Pinballer

    WTB Coin Door

    Looking for a data east coin door, or a williams from 80's or 90's with frame. Thanks
  3. Pinballer

    SOLD Who Dunnit, pending pickup

    Very good condition Who Dunnit, all LED's , with taxi , train, rats and phone mod, these mods can all easily be removed if desired. Slot machine and all else works properly , no credit dot. Playfield is in very good condition with no wear spots, all plastics are in very good condition with no...
  4. Pinballer

    FT Who Dunnit

    Have owned Who Dunnit for two years and ready for a change. Very good condition, everything works well including slot machine, no credit dot. Would like to trade for another Williams/Bally DMD game with plus or minus cash. Interested in No Good Gofers, Indy 500, Corvette, Congo or possibly...
  5. Pinballer

    Custom Pinball Machine in Progress

    This is a fun project that has been progressing for the past few years, Still many things to do but thought it was time to share with Pinball Revolution.
  6. Pinballer

    WTB Project Solid State Pin

    Do you have a pin project that you have taking up space that you no longer wish to keep. I am looking for a complete game that does not need to be in working condition. Something around $1000, could be Williams , Bally or Data East. Thanks
  7. Pinballer

    SOLD System 11B screen Displays price drop

    System 11B , alpha numeric and numeric screen displays working perfectly with circuit board. Other two displays have been removed. This came from a cyclone that has been changed to an led display. $ 70.Here is the link to it hooked up to my cyclone . It is running the screen display test...
  8. Pinballer

    FOUND No Fear or Corvette

    Looking for another pin, not something out in the stratosphere with regard to pricing. I figure that a decent condition one of these for $3500 would be reasonable. Please let me know if anyone is interested in making some room in their collection.
  9. Pinballer

    WTB Williams system 11 display

    Looking for one of each, numeric and AN 7 digit glass displays. I know I can order these from pinball life but thought maybe someone put in a led display and might have an extra plasma display or two.
  10. Pinballer

    Cyclone with a System 11a CPU board

    Wondering if I have a chance at getting the sound to work on my Cylone. I just bought the game in Montreal from Alloutte Amusements as a fixer upper. Tried it out at there location, it booted up OK but no sound or screen displays. Bought it anyways because the playfield was pretty good...
  11. Pinballer


    Considering selling my STTNG. I would ideally trade for a Williams/ Bally DMD from the 1990's. One of the "A" titles. I figure my game is realistically worth $4500 and would trade with +/- cash depending on the title and condition. I will post pictures soon. The good.:The game plays perfectly...
  12. Pinballer

    How should I touch up front edge of Backbox

    Any suggestions on a relatively easy way to make the front edge of a STTNG Backbox look better. Being the edge of the plywood it has flaked off and cracked. Should I lightly sand it and paint it with acrylic black paint. I could go over it with a sharpie but this does not seem the best way to...
  13. Pinballer

    WTB: TWILIGHT ZONE, almost any condition

    Looking for another project. Looking specifically for a TZ , am willing to pay a reasonable price of up to $4500, depending on condition. Prefer a game with little playfield wear and am willing to fix/ restore the rest.