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  1. CJBob

    Joker Poker Start Problems (solved)

    Thanks very much Mike, I’m not sure which step solved the problem but it’s starting up fine now. Much appreciated. I still have a tilt problem but I’ll review the other thread I created to see if I can fix that. Now if my Jays could score some runs tomorrow we’ll be all set. Cheers
  2. CJBob

    Joker Poker Start Problems (solved)

    I had to disconnect my Joker Poker for a renovation. It only moved a short distance on the same floor. I’ve plugged everything back in and I get all the lights and sounds at start up but pressing the start button nothing happens. No ball launch and the game doesn’t start. It shows 2 credits so...
  3. CJBob

    SOLD Joker Poker Playfield CPR $650 CAD

    With the clear coat being so shiny it’s hard to get a good picture without shadows. Looks great in person. Now listed elsewhere at over $1,000 CAD plus shipping: https://classicplayfields.com/shop/pinball-playfields/joker-poker-3/#playfield
  4. CJBob

    SOLD Joker Poker Playfield CPR $650 CAD

    Photos as I had a few requests
  5. CJBob

    SOLD Joker Poker Playfield CPR $650 CAD

    Last bump before I post on Pinside. Thanks.
  6. CJBob

    FS Super Nintendo SNES Classic Edition $140

    I can include a short hdmi cable but you might need a longer cable depending on your setup. Due to the limitations of the original graphic this looks best on smaller tvs. Think up to 47 inches. Works fine with larger tvs but the graphics really start to suffer.
  7. CJBob

    FS Super Nintendo SNES Classic Edition $140

    I have a Super Nintendo SNES Classic Edition for sale. Gently used. I have modified it to add additional games. I'm not technical but it was extremely easy to add SNES games. Includes frogger, all madden football, all baseball, ms Pac-Man , about 70 games. Link here on how to add the games I...
  8. CJBob

    WTB Count-down Countdown Count down

    Bump up, I sold my Volley so looking to trade cash for a Count-down :)
  9. CJBob

    MAME 101?

    Wow, nearly 7 years since I started thinking about this. I did have a cocktail cabinet for a while and while it was fun, it definitely doesn't have the same look and feel. I'll start a 'looking' for thread but here's what I've got so far. Please feel free to add any more help, it is appreciated...
  10. CJBob

    Free Play - College and Spadina

    I dropped by Free Play on College last night. Pinball: World Cup 94 played well and there was a Demolition Man which I didn't try. Playboy but it wasn't working. I was disappointed that Chicago Coin All Stars also was out of commission. I'll try to post pictures later. I'm not sure how rare...
  11. CJBob

    Joker Poker Tilt at random times

    Thanks for the reply, I’ll give it a try
  12. CJBob

    Joker Poker Tilt at random times

    Hi Everyone, My Joker Poker has started tilting at random times. Not at all related to movement or shaking, it can happen at any time. It's home use so I can disconnect something if that's what's needed. Suggestions please, could someone point me in the right direction? I don't do much work on...
  13. CJBob

    Message to ShootAgain / Robert !

    Hi Robert, Not sure if you're getting the private messages, I don't have your email address to contact you. Was following up on a date for you to come do a pickup we had discussed. Please message me. Thanks Bob
  14. CJBob

    FS 1980 Bally Viking new CPR playfield

    I lived at the local variety store from 1977 - 1982 dropping quarters in the games. They were exclusively Bally but I didn’t see this one as Space Invaders must have been released then in Canada. Nice looking machine, glwts
  15. CJBob

    Floor Protection

    Thanks everyone, I appreciate the advice. We're doing a few things to the basement so still just in the planning stages, the contractor we've used and trusted is lined up for spring/summer depending on his schedule which has been thrown off a lot this year due to supply chain issues.
  16. CJBob

    SOLD Volley Backglass (Original) $30

    Sold, pending pickup.
  17. CJBob

    Floor Protection

    I'm replacing some really old carpet in my basement, what are people using to protect their floors from pinball machines? I'm deciding between vinyl and carpet for the games/tv room.