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  1. eh97ac

    WTB: Gyruss or Track & Field Cab

    Looking for a cab, any condition for a Gyruss restore
  2. eh97ac


    Going to an awesome guy Picking up my beer at noon "Nice"
  3. eh97ac


    Trade for a 4 pack of beer from https://thirdmoonbrewing.com/ Decent setup for a MAME box ASUS M5A99X EVO R2.0 Motherboard AMD FX-8320 16 GB CORSAIR VENGENCE DDR3 1600 AMD R270X and I'll throw in a sata HD Buy the beer online and mention Sat pickup for eh97ac if you are not from that area.
  4. eh97ac

    Website Upgrade Tonight

    3034 posts, 2899 of them are "Nice".
  5. eh97ac

    Best place to order a Williams AE-26-1200 coil?

    Hit up Robert , he's out of Allouette now. Awesome service and good prices on parts and shipping empinballs@gmail.com
  6. eh97ac

    TIP Rivets for ramps?

    Grainge.ca tinyurl.com/n9pwysaf
  7. eh97ac

    SOLD Data East Checkpoint

    Ramp is available for new owner https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/ramp-o-matic-ramp-thread
  8. eh97ac

    Homemade High Score

    $20 lifetime https://www.iscored.info/
  9. eh97ac

    SOLD Bally Medusa

    Right in his profile :deluxe picard:
  10. eh97ac

    WTB Williams Road Kings Drop Target

    These look the same https://www.absolutepinball.com/shop/3-williams-gorgar-l-base-drop-targets-with-decals-nos/
  11. eh97ac

    SOLD Gotlieb Flip a Card EM project -last price drop

    Awaiting the arrival of @GUARD ;)
  12. eh97ac

    SOLD Fully working Paragon with bad playfield

    Not really, even with the change
  13. eh97ac

    SOLD THE BIG LEBOWSKI, new in box.

    Pinball is the new oil, hedge, hedge, hedge!
  14. eh97ac

    TIP Order your parts from Starburst!

    Danielle contacted me after I placed an order via email. She wanted me to do the legwork for part numbers and pay up front. I never went to P1 for their great prices, it was knowledge (Doug B) and convenience. Buh Bye! I place my first order with RAB at Alouette, got my package a few days...
  15. eh97ac

    SOLD New CPR meteor backglass

    Blue or Green version?
  16. eh97ac

    SOLD Stern Tron Legacy Pro (with mods)

    You uploaded pics in your other for sale thread?
  17. eh97ac

    FOUND Terminator 2 or 3

    https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/search?s=1&q=hardkor&include_basement=0#results Also known as Goldmember on Pinside