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  1. MrMikeman

    Transport Toronto —> Ottawa (playfield)

    Any Torontonians coming to Ottawa any time soon? I need transport for a non-populated pf. thanks!
  2. MrMikeman

    SOLD EVGA RTX 2080 Ti

    VGA RTX 2080Ti XC Ultra Gaming - Part#:11G-P4-2383-KR 1600$ firm
  3. MrMikeman

    FS Yamaha WR450f 2010

    Since I saw Aljo post his moped I figured I should post my dirt bike! :) 6000$ Just to be clear. This is an OFFROAD bike only and not road legal. It has never been road legal and I know nothing about the process so please don't ask. For you Ontario folks this means green plate only. Low...
  4. MrMikeman

    Haggis Pinball Announces FATHOM REVISITED!

    Fathom Revisited is the newest creation from Haggis Pinball! Full article: Haggis Pinball Announces FATHOM REVISTED! In Depth Overview of the Machine, Editions, Features, Rules, PLUS an Interview with Haggis Pinball - This Week in Pinball
  5. MrMikeman

    SOLD Dr Who (Ottawa)

    Shopped during Christmas holidays. All rubbers replaced. There is no fade whatsoever on the cabinet as it was just re-done with new decals. The playfield has a full plastic protector imported from Germany. It covers everywhere the ball can travel on the playfield. It is removable - there's no...
  6. MrMikeman

    Price Check

    Just want an idea of value. Not sure I am selling but I may want to divert some pinball funds elsewhere while keeping enough games to keep having fun. My 2 most expensive games are JPLE and MMrRE. What could those fetch realistically these days? Both were bought NIB by myself so documented HUO...
  7. MrMikeman

    WTB SW:EP1 playfield

    Last conversion kit I saw sell was about 6 weeks ago and went for 1000$USD and it it was still in box and included the cabinet art, translite, and prism card. Last full SWEP1 game that sold in the Ottawa area was around April and went for 2800$CAD. I am obviously not interested in a 2000$ pf...
  8. MrMikeman

    SOLD Road Show (Ottawa)

    Don't want to sell it but an opportunity has come up to get something I've wanted for a long time. The cab is ok except for a chip below the coin door (see pics). Head is more worn/scratched than cab. Not collector condition but pf is really nice with no wear in the usual spot (fish). It came...