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  1. MrMikeman


    While it certainly seems shady, I don't understand why you guys weren't upfront as well. Why didn't you set up a business account with P1? All that being said I'd be curious to know how your final costs tally up, especially with transport and brokerage fees. BTW I have never had any such...
  2. MrMikeman


    Tell that to JJP or Stern.... Distros won't start selling at a loss. The markup is minimal.
  3. MrMikeman


    Never. Keep in mind that Stern and JJP have previously done unannounced raising of prices which the distributor has no choice but to do the same, regardless of the quote given. Elvira and GnR come to mind.
  4. MrMikeman

    Transport Toronto —> Ottawa (playfield)

    Damien has the PF. Not sure if you know him or know where he is situated.
  5. MrMikeman

    TRANSPORT - Warlock re-emerges

    If you have room for a bare pf we could work something out. I could meet up in MTL. Someone is also looking for pin transport OTT-->TOR. Not sure if you could combine that too?
  6. MrMikeman


    Yep but still cheaper than JJP. JJP's mid-tier (that they call LE) is 10500$USD.
  7. MrMikeman


    Sane here. Looks fun but I have nothing I can consider letting go of. And now the 9000USD only gets you a prem instead of an LE. They are testing the market to see if they will still sell as easily.
  8. MrMikeman

    Cue Ball Wizard Issue

    Retrace your steps. Whatever is wrong now is most likely your doing. Game worked 'somewhat', you did repairs, now game no longer works. You likely either made a mistake during the repairs or in reconnecting the boards or damaged something else.
  9. MrMikeman

    FS Elvira's House of Horrors - SOLD - Pending pick up

    He already stated in the ad that he is the second owner.
  10. MrMikeman

    Transport Toronto —> Ottawa (playfield)

    Any Torontonians coming to Ottawa any time soon? I need transport for a non-populated pf. thanks!
  11. MrMikeman

    Can anyone fix my MAME?

    OP mentioned trying safe mode so it certainly seems like the computer is booting but windows is not loading.
  12. MrMikeman


    While I don't have an opinion on your asking price I'm pretty sure those JP will not sell @$9k. They are still in production and with the current exchange rate plus 15% tax they come in at 8900$CAD NIB.
  13. MrMikeman

    SOLD Star Trek The Next Generation for trade for DE GNR or $7500 cash

    It was just a funny typo. Nerds lose their minds when folks don’t know the difference between ST and SW.
  14. MrMikeman

    Tron Pro Price Check ?

    This one is a good price at 8800$: https://www.kijiji.ca/v-general-electronics/kamloops/tron-pro-pinball-home-use-only/1579195191
  15. MrMikeman

    Setting pricing for modern stern machine.

    Dip switches set for Canada?
  16. MrMikeman

    Setting pricing for modern stern machine.

    I believe that’s the factory setting. Just reset all settings to factory default.
  17. MrMikeman

    Gottlieb Spring Braek

    Yeah I hate Gtb for that. What kind of company doesn’t allow the instruction manuals to be available. I have a stash of digital manuals and have about a dozen gtb manuals in there. I try to find one close in manufacturing dates when I don’t have the actual manual.
  18. MrMikeman

    Gottlieb Spring Braek

    Misread your post. It seemed you were stating the ball launch as a malfunction. the switch being a doubled stacked it’s not the part number I gave probably. I didn’t have a spring break manual so I looked at victory. Same type/time of release(Gtb80b - 1987)