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  1. Mike Walsh

    SOLD Family Guy and Stern POTC, $250 Delivery!!!

    Both games are in above average condition. A few mods have been added to both machines. Price is $7,000 each. I have shipped before and can Package these up really nice at no extra charge. If any interest I can post more pictures.
  2. Mike Walsh


    I have for sale a PARTIAL set of STTNG Decals. Included are the two side cabinet decals and the two head decals. Missing is the front door decal. These decals are approx 6 months old and are purchased from Mr. Pinball in Australia. I’m looking for $200 with shipping included to a Canadian...
  3. Mike Walsh

    FS/FT Looking for Stern Premium or LE Iron Maiden, JP or Elvira

    Looking for Stern Premium or LE Iron Maiden, Jurassic Park or Elvira HOH. Can purchase outright or possible trades + cash For STTNG, Family Guy or Stern POTC.
  4. Mike Walsh

    TIP Best pinball theme integration???

    looking to get you thoughts on what are the best pinball, theme integration, games out there!!!
  5. Mike Walsh

    TIP Bally PowerPlay Price Check

    Wonder the price of a nice players quality Bally PowerPlay? Nice original Back Glass!
  6. Mike Walsh

    WTB Williams Road Kings Drop Target

    I’m searching for a Williams Road Kings drop target. If you have one to sell or can point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated! I can’t find one anywhere.
  7. Mike Walsh

    WTB Iron Maiden Premium or LE

    looking for a Iron Maiden Premium or LE. PM if you have one to sell.
  8. Mike Walsh

    WTB Looking for an Iron Maiden Premium or LE

    I’m looking for either an Iron Maiden Premium or an LE. Please PM if you have one to sell.
  9. Mike Walsh

    Cactus Jack’s Good or Bad!?

    Hey Folks, I’m looking at a Cactus Jack’s. Wonder if any of the members own it or have played it?What do you think of it!? I’m thinking it would be a fun, quirky pin and would help to get the kids more involved in pinball. Heck, the adults might even enjoy it. We are not deep serious pin...
  10. Mike Walsh

    Which 3 of the top 15 games!?

    I Have room for a small collection. Just picked up a MMR LE. It’s an awesome game. Looking for help to fill the two to three more spots from the top 15 games. I rarely have the opportunity to play these games so I value your thoughts. I’m looking for fun approachable games and some challenge.
  11. Mike Walsh

    Anyone in the Waterloo area to look at a machine

    Wondering if someone in the Waterloo area can look at a machine for me? I can pay for your time. Thanks Mike
  12. Mike Walsh

    DeadPool Premium vs Attack From Mars SE

    Which do you suggest? Looking for a fun game with last ability!
  13. Mike Walsh

    FOUND MM or Attack From Mars Remake

    Looking for either of these pins. The AFM I would prefer an SE or LE.
  14. Mike Walsh

    Price Check Data East Time Machine

    Hey Folks, Thinking about selling my Data East Time Machine. It has a Mylar play field and is in overall good shape. Backglass is a bit rough. Hard to value pins in my area. Thanks for all the help with the Bally Kiss!
  15. Mike Walsh

    Bally Kiss Price Check

    Hey Folks, thinking about selling my Bally Kiss. It is a players quality game. Playfield was rough and I’ve touched up to the best of my ability. Much better but far from perfect. Cabinet has the usual bumps and bruises of a game from this era. Again I have touched up the black. Better but far...
  16. Mike Walsh

    Joker Poker vs Power Play

    I really want to keep a Solid State Chime game in the collection.I have a Joker Poker I have done a restore on ( I really enjoy the game ) and now I’m working on a Power Play. It looks like a really fun game but I see it’s ranked much lower than Joker Poker but valued higher. I’m looking for...
  17. Mike Walsh


    Game looks and plays amazing! Price is $9,000. More pictures will be posted later. Fun game, very challenging!
  18. Mike Walsh

    The Professional pinball machine

    Hey Folks, Can anyone shed any light on “The Professional” Pinball machine? Is there any value/demand!? It’s an interesting bit of Canadian pinball history. I don’t know much but it was a conversion kit sent out to dealers/leagues for a nation wide tournament that was supposed to happen back in...
  19. Mike Walsh

    Merry Christmas Pinheads

    Hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday season.
  20. Mike Walsh


    Hey Folks, I know this is not pin related but I'm looking for a jukebox for my games room. It can be working or not. Prefer to find 1950's or early 1960's but open to other machines also. Message me with what you have and price. Thanks Mike