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  1. Prognic

    Shipping from Muskoka to Gatineau

    Hello, I’m looking for someone to pack and pick up a pinball from Muskoka to Gatineau (Ottawa). What is your rate for shipping. I will bring downstairs and set up. Thanks, Nic
  2. Prognic

    SOLD Star Wars Premium

    Also interested… in Ottawa
  3. Prognic


    Hi Dave, I spoke to Jim and reassured me about your shipping service. I would opt for the 200$ service delivered in Gatineau next to Ottawa. Please let me know when you would be available? Thanks, Nic
  4. Prognic


    Thanks Dave, I am new to this hobby. Do you have sone references/feedback on your services. When would you be available to deliver in Gatineau, no Rush. Thanks, Nic
  5. Prognic


    Hi Dave, how much do tou charge for shipping? Thanks, Nic
  6. Prognic


    Looking for delivery of pinball from Toronto to Ottawa/Gatineau region. Thanks Nic