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  1. Ponzie

    Pulp Fiction from CGC

    Thoughts all?
  2. Ponzie

    SOLD Mandalorian Premium - HUO (Ottawa)

    Hi all, Selling my Mando Premium. Includes a bunch of mods: - Official Stern Side Armor - Official Stern Side Blade Art - Official Stern Shooter Rod - Cliffy's installed (common ramp crack occurred fixed with Cliffy, new replacement ramp from Stern included if you wish to install) - Cara Dune...
  3. Ponzie

    WTB JJP GnR Topper

    Currently sold out at Nitro and thought I'd see if anyone had one they purchased but never installed they'd like to sell. Not in a rush but thought I'd throw it out there... (I believe I could buy from JJP direct but trying to support a Canadian if I can...also, I believe P1AG doesn't stock...
  4. Ponzie

    Jurassic Park Home Pin

    Newest home pin from Stern. Designed by the streamer Jack Danger (Deadflip). Looks pretty darn good for a Home Pin. Love my premium but this is the first home pin I would have ever considered...
  5. Ponzie

    SOLD BKSOR Pro for Sale - Ottawa

    Located south of Ottawa. Bought this BKSOR Pro in September from the original owner. Less than 300 lifetime plays. Everything is stock and like new. (Goodie bag still attached) Hoping for pickup out an easy to exit basement. Only selling due to Mando incoming... $7,600
  6. Ponzie

    High Scores

    Why don't machines show the date/time that high scores are reached on machines? Or at least have that as an option in settings. I love that MMr and AFMr has dates on King of the Realm and Rule the Universe. I can't remember when I last got some high scores... (or when some other people set them)...
  7. Ponzie

    Update User Names

    Unless I've missed it somewhere, is there any way to change your username after registration? I signed up using my full name and want to change it to the user name I typically use to post online... Any idea? Thanks!
  8. Ponzie

    FOUND BK:SOR, Deadpool Prem/LE, JP Prem/LE, IJ

    Putting a feeler out there if anyone has any of the following they are looking to switch up: Black Knight: Sword of Rage (Pro, Prem or LE) Deadpool (Prem or LE) Jurassic Park 2019 (Prem or LE) or a good condition Indiana Jones Looking to trade my Hobbit Smaug Limited Edition +/- Cash if...
  9. Ponzie

    Canadian Source for Cabinet Sub

    Hey there, Wondering if anyone knows of a Canadian source for an in-cabinet sub. The speaker in my Stern Star Trek sounds like it's blown and needs replacing. I can order from Pinball Pro (or Flipper Fidelity) but am hoping to avoid the USD, duty, tax, etc. if I can... Wondering if anyone had...
  10. Ponzie

    Stern Audio Out - Headphone Connector

    Hi All, New happy owner of a SW Premium that just got delivered on Friday. I'm thinking about getting the Stern Spike 2 Headphone Adapter (sold here: http://costore.com/sternpinball/productenlarged.asp?peid=235&pid=6782968) In reading the machine's manual, it appears there is a connector on...