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  1. vic vetro

    FS Avatar LE NIB

    Still available?
  2. vic vetro

    FS Williams Junkyard MINT

    Is this a HUO pin?
  3. vic vetro

    FS/FT Sopranos $7100

    I love my Sopranos! GLWS
  4. vic vetro

    FS Gun's n Rose's LE $14000

    Are you open to trades?
  5. vic vetro

    FS Avengers premium pinball

    Nice looking pin
  6. vic vetro

    FS/FT Sopranos $7100

    Yes, same one and I believe it was listed for $8k on Kijiji
  7. vic vetro

    FS Harley- 3rd Edition

    Undocumented HUO pin. No errors, no issues. Excellent condition $ 7,800.00. Pin is in Mississauga.
  8. vic vetro

    SOLD Harley 3rd Edition

    Did, Paul has it now
  9. vic vetro

    SOLD Harley 3rd Edition

    Is the NASCAR for sale?
  10. vic vetro

    FS Black Knight Sword of Rage LE

    I love watching this type dialogue regarding the value of pins! At the end of day, enjoy playing your pins, that’s why you bought them, eventually they will sell some day
  11. vic vetro

    FS 24

  12. vic vetro

    SOLD Dialed In LE

    Don, It's Vic my cell number is 416.917.6061 cheers, Vic
  13. vic vetro

    FOUND Recent machine

    Maybe when I was just getting started collecting, but once you've played it a dozen times, it's an ok pin but not worth the hassle to pick up, clean up, hold and then try and sell
  14. vic vetro

    FOUND Recent machine

    NBA looks like in player's condition. Played it a few times, it was fun and nice call outs. More into the newer pins lately, unfortunately they're Big, Big Bucks now!
  15. vic vetro

    FOUND Recent machine

    Goldeneye or a Harley Davidson
  16. vic vetro

    SOLD Ghostbusters LE

    You can always put an offer on this guys Rob Zombie pin!
  17. vic vetro


    A nice Ripley's for sale. All led'd and waxed. No stairs $ 7,900
  18. vic vetro

    SOLD Loaded Metallica Premium low plays 381

    Thank god in wasn’t posted in Euros
  19. vic vetro

    Who’s got $100,000 to spare?

    They do it’s 14.6% upto $7,500 and 2.35% for items that sell over that amount