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  1. Gary

    Cactus Canyon LE

    Still nothing in yet ?
  2. Gary

    WTB: Megatouch Ion or Evo

    Hi looking for Mint to New condition Megatouch Ion or Evo recent model. Thanks
  3. Gary

    Cactus Canyon LE

    I was curious, as I believe toronto gets the shipments first before montreal.
  4. Gary

    Cactus Canyon LE

    Anyone receive or gotten news from their distributor yet ?
  5. Gary

    SOLD (NIB) Pinstadium Atom Neo Fusion

    Selling a new in box Pinstadium Atom Neo Fusion. These are the new skinny models, top of the line can barely notice them under de glass. Paid retail 649usd plus shipping and duties arrived cost was between 900-1000 cad. Asking 800$ definitely a deal if your shopping these. These are the top...
  6. Gary

    WTB Elivra LE

    Looks like a scam to me
  7. Gary

    FS Avengers AiQ Topper

    Still have original Stern box, paid new updated prices Got her 2 weeks ago. Delivered came close to 1250$ Asking 1200 Negotiable
  8. Gary

    WTB Elivra LE

    Very interested in Elvira LE . Have trades available and cash once trades sell.
  9. Gary

    Collective in Toronto

    389 Spadina Ave Toronto
  10. Gary

    Collective in Toronto

    Toy4 is negotiable lol in the sense that Its on free play. So I offered a couples bucks to play it.. it's a beautiful game. I had to turn it off when I was done tho.
  11. Gary

    WTB Insider Connected kit

    Hi, if someone is has no interest and willing to part ways, il buy it Thanks
  12. Gary

    Collective in Toronto

    First time there over the long weekend. I have to say Shane has a really nice line up right now. Toy Story CE JP Prem Godz Prem Mando LE Deadpool prem Elvira Le I came down from Montréal to pick up an Avengers Prem from one of his friends and would definitely go back if in the area.
  13. Gary

    SOLD Pinstadium Atom Neo Fusion

    Perfect condition. GI & Flashers ( Orions Belt ) 450$ Or best offer. Retail goes for 649 USD
  14. Gary

    FOUND Avengers Premium

    Il go look thanks !!
  15. Gary

    FOUND Avengers Premium

    Hi looking to buy, cash on hand !
  16. Gary

    SOLD PENDING PICK UP ! 7400$ Stern Star Trek Pro

    Bump, new pictures, new modz.. dmdcolor installed