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    FT Deadpool Premium

    Sure, you probably need to add cash for a WOZ these days. GL with the search.
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    Upcoming Pinball Release Titles

    They sent a video link to club members. See Pinside.
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    Upcoming Pinball Release Titles

    Spooky Pinball announced Scooby Doo today.
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    FT Deadpool Premium

    GnR LE 40 plays?
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    The best money you can ever spend on a pinball mod! If any of your games have side blades or mirror blades, nothing worse than scratching them. These will protect them whenever you have to lift the playfield. I wish I bought mine sooner!
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    SOLD Deadpool metal side rails - 400$

    Those look amazing! I am tempted to buy them on the prospects I may have a DP one day. GL w the sale.
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    FS Bally AFM restored price drop

    You may be better off selling to an American. I would post it on Pinside, if you are open to shipping. I have sold most of my LEs to US collectors. Good luck. Will is a legit seller, known him for a while.
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    I will take the Aerosmith :)
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    FT JJP Guns N Roses Limited Edition (only 30 Plays!)

    Looking to trade now for another Premium or will add some cash for the right game. PM if anything to trade. Lets do this before we get snowed in for the winter :) Would also consider a DP Pro, Godzilla Pro or Aerosmith Pro plus a little cash. Thanks.
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    Pinball blanket/covers in Canada

    I use to buy from Collage.com, they recently went bankrupt. They use to often have 100% off coupons, just paid shipping. Not sure what other options there are now?
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    FS 2008 mini Cooper S turbo.

    I think I spotted mirror blades :)
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    SOLD Williams WPC 89/S Driver board A12697-3 fully reconditioned $275

    I got a bunch of boards and dmds I will have to post. Looks like some money in them
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    SOLD Doctor Who

    Probably sell easier if you could track down an original topper.
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    Star Wars LE on kijiji for 9k

    Glad you got them Paul, went to a good buyer. Now you can share the good karma and sell me your MET LE for cost :) I actually offered Patrick $3,500 over asking for both games but he was nice enough to honour your deal.
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    BMW X3 - Pinball in back - will it fit?

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    Star Wars LE on kijiji for 9k

    I sent him a message, replied to me ok. Said games are sold. Not sure if real?
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    FS Halloween CE buttercab NIB

    Nitro has them in stock for $9k US?
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    FS Rock and Roll Combo - GnR LE/ LZ Premium

    Looking to sell both games together $30k asking. GnR LE (w about 40 plays) and LZ Premium. LZ Premium is nicer than any LE you will find! Here are some of the upgrades: - full Pinwoofer amp and speaker kit - Stern original topper (new summer 2022) - Stern ZOSO shooter rod - powder coated...