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  1. thewebexpert

    Should Classifieds be closed for comments other then Original Poster/Seller?

    I will see with xenforo what options are available ….
  2. thewebexpert


    As I mentioned on another tread, we had to change the IP Addresses of the server, The new IP Address that was assigned to us was "dirty" and as a result, Yahoo has blocked all email originating from this address. I have logged a ticket with Yahoo, as did my Hosting Provider, we now just have to...
  3. thewebexpert

    Server Maintenance Completed March 5, 2022

    IP Address change happened this morning, with a new dedicated IP address, please make sure you check your email for spam and help the board out and mark it is as safe.
  4. thewebexpert

    Server Maintenance Completed March 5, 2022

    My ISP changed ip addresses of my server again. This time they gave me notice, however I will be migrating the site over to the new ip this weekend. There will be down time as your DNS kicks in to the new IP. Mail may go to spam for a while until microsoft and the internet resolves itself. 6...
  5. thewebexpert

    WTB TOTAN - Tales of the Arabian Nights pinball machine

    ok, it has been a really long week ... wrong machine they guy has a Gorgar .... sorry guys if I got you all excited.
  6. thewebexpert

    WTB First pinball under $3000

    I have a friend that wants to get in to pinball collecting, looking for a pinball under 3K in Ottawa region .... anyone have something they want to cycle out?
  7. thewebexpert

    WTB TOTAN - Tales of the Arabian Nights pinball machine

    I know of someone selling one for 3K ... I find it crazy expensive for that game but if you really want it ..... I can connect you with them. It is also in Ottawa.
  8. thewebexpert


    @necro_nemesis , would you mind doing a breakdown on cost? Roughly how much did all of the parts cost? Did you manage to find somewhere in Canada to print the PCB? Did you source all of your components (like oleds etc)? I am thinking about this as a project, I did the Tron MiniCade mod but that...
  9. thewebexpert

    More adds?

    The ads will be cleaned up probably tomorrow with an option to become a member and remove the ads. Sorry about the excess ads, it is the default of adsense and we will limite the volume to be a bit more reasonable
  10. thewebexpert

    TIP Guess the number of golf balls ! winners including all ties will get a $20 donation to Pinball Revolution in their honour !

    We will be getting the donate to work again .. we need to reset the ads to exclude paying members ... sorry for the delay ...
  11. thewebexpert

    SOLD Tilt Graphics Tron Mirror Blades

    Wish you were in Ottawa! Seems like a fair price!
  12. thewebexpert

    More adds?

    The plan is to hide ads from the members who donated. We are using the auto ads to start, just to get a feel for the activity and get a baseline, then I need to remove all of the ads and redo it manually (next weekend) once that is done, ads will hide for those that have donated... more to follow...
  13. thewebexpert

    FOUND Looking to buy my first pin, have a few that I'm interested in

    I found my stargate pretty easy to work on though ... good manuals etc ... It was my first major repair and was easier than Dr Who....
  14. thewebexpert

    Site Outage Fixed

    Brock's GoDaddy account got compromised and they tried to hijack the domain.. Thankfully Brock got his account back and I was able to reset the name servers.... So fear not! PBR is not going anywhere!
  15. thewebexpert

    Got screwed on EHOH

    He probably posted it on other forums and kijiji and probably get a higher offer ... the market is stupid.. i am sure you will find another, keep your eyes open ....
  16. thewebexpert

    Play Ball Pinball Restore - Part 1 - Removing Asbestos, cleaning cabinet in and out [4K60FPS]

    Thanks! you as well, these EM machines are so finicky, yet satisfying to work on ...I look forward to see how you repair the pain on the cab. I need to fix the side where someone carved F**K YOU on it. But for a 200 buck score, you take what you get ..
  17. thewebexpert

    Play Ball Pinball Restore - Part 1 - Removing Asbestos, cleaning cabinet in and out [4K60FPS]

    That is amazing! I have an old EM (Telodo) that I really need to clean up... I find a lot of the contacts on the relays are sticking or not making contact any more ... I read the best way to fix them is to use a light file to get rid of any build up and then a tiny dab of dialectric grease ...
  18. thewebexpert

    Toledo EM Help

    Making progress looks like some of the leaf contacts were not actually Making a circuit… cleaned them up and tweaked them …. Getting a lot better !!!
  19. thewebexpert

    Toledo EM Help

    Hi Gang, I have a Williams Toledo (https://www.ipdb.org/machine.cgi?id=2577) EM Wedge, and a while ago it stopped working. I did get it to start again, it was a short in the coin door. But in my troubleshooting I must have done something because the middle targets do not work, immediately after...
  20. thewebexpert

    Can anyone fix my MAME?

    The USB thing is a dlink WIFI adapter ... I usually unplug mine otherwise windows downloads updates.... I would power off the power bar for 30 seconds .... usually you get a POST beep on the motherboard, when you apply power do you hear anything? are the fans spinning? that will help...