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    SOLD Johnny MnemoniC TRADED

    Congrats on trading, good looking game!
  2. Saltimbanco

    SOLD Beatles Gold - Comes with Shaker and Topper - 300 plays

    Wanted to come up with some sort of congrats that would also include a title or lyrics from the Beatles, but felt humbled by Mike's 'nice', lol So congrats on sale!! 8-)
  3. Saltimbanco

    SOLD Black Knight SOR LE

    Congrats! Sorry it's also costing you a bag of Doritos if it's the case! 8-)
  4. Saltimbanco

    SOLD Mandalorian Premium HUO

    Congrats, buyer getting a great game!
  5. Saltimbanco

    SOLD Black Knight SOR LE

    The bag of Doritos, some Doritos topper or the game? :-)
  6. Saltimbanco

    SOLD Black Knight SOR LE

    A bag of Doritos would go a longer way than "Go Leafs", but I'm willing to support a Canadian team! 8-) Let's look at those pics! GLWS!
  7. Saltimbanco

    TIP Bally Fun Phone

    Look up auction sites, estimated prices are 150-250 depending on the condition, if it has the stand, etc. That's s piece I'd expect to see at the House of Targ for example, or some basement game room as part of the wall decorations (next to a gumball distributor, lol. GLWS!
  8. Saltimbanco

    We're opening a pinball arcade in PEI

    I could add to that Top 10 list 'Visit the Province House National Historic Site that hosted the Charlottetown Conference of 1864', but playing pinball is probably your best bet! :-)
  9. Saltimbanco

    We're opening a pinball arcade in PEI

    Corrected! :cool:
  10. Saltimbanco

    We're opening a pinball arcade in PEI

    Top 10 list of things to do in Charlottetown, PEI :cool: 1. Play pinball at Seven's Pinballorama 2. .. 3. .. 4. .. 5. .. 6. .. 7. .. 8. .. 9. .. 10. ..
  11. Saltimbanco

    Pinball Shooter Lane Protector

    I got the Mezel Mods, looks exactly the same and it works well. So, Cliffy's + clear shooter lane protector + turn down eject power (my Mando was shooting like a cannon!)
  12. Saltimbanco

    SOLD Mandalorian Premium HUO

    Such a fun game, nicely priced. Glad to see this one doesn't have any version of the moving Grogu, lol, GLWS!
  13. Saltimbanco

    SOLD Tron pro loaded $11600

    Congrats to seller, I had no doubt this would go fast! To buyer: Welcome, program! Make sure you check out the Tron club on Pinside! https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/official-tron-lovefest-thread-i-love-it-more-than-lamp?tu=centerflank
  14. Saltimbanco

    SOLD Halloween Collectors edition

    Would look great in any lineup, congrats!