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    TOM - Explainable Display DMD *Glitch?!*

    Hey guys I got the oddest problem I cant seem to wrap my head around. I had a display in my TOM that went bad, I did rebuild on board (in hopes it was the high power section) and I did not have to buy another plasma display. Worked out, after the rebuild it WAS the display that went bad. So I...
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    Awesome news! I probably have to work this Saturday but would love to come pick up my 2 sheets on the Sunday (if that works for you) Im'a get to the bank and grab you a fist of cash! If you can PM me a location and a time for Sunday it would be great! Thanks for making this happen man, it was...
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    First major board repair.

    Nice work! I may have to try the same thing..... if I can order the parts! There site has issues, preventing me from completing the check out! :( Hey mitch_a did you use a de-soldering gun/vacuum? Id be so worried about ripping of a pad!
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    FS Medieval Madness

    LOL... Thats telling him son! Your off to a great start! Welcome to the forum ;)
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    FS PDI Glass - 4th Quarter order

    Terrible..... :itd 3d ani w120 smiles 015:
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    Ima ready to meet up! Just waiting for the word! :) (pats the wad of cash for Revolution in mt pocket) I hope I can just pay in full with it... I dont mind paypal, as I did for my deposit but id rather just drop the bills on pick up :cool: ;) Is anyone else paying the rest in cash?
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    Got a hold of him, its all good! Thank you!!!
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    Has anyone had any luck contacting Revolution? I wanted to show him my deposit screen shot but dont know his email address and I cant post a SS in the private message chat. Id like to pay in full but hes not responding. :blackeye:
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    FS Medieval Madness

    Ahhhhh much better! Seee?! Give it a try everyone.... its very liberating! Tell me it dont put a smile on your face!
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    FS Medieval Madness

    Yeah but if we do, we cant swear at him any more!... Be careful what you wish for! LOL
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    FS Medieval Madness

    Like not even a picture of someones game... but the one used in the ad LOL! Yeah...Im with goodmanners on this one.... Fuck off, Very Much! Billy Willy!
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    Arcade Body Shop

    This guys really cool, I found him a little while ago, I like the way he works and explains things. Great guy! And tho hes not a painter (I can tell by the way he works/holds his tools) He pulls off a nice job/finish. He also works on cabs with his son, What a great way to spend time with your kid!
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    FOUND Theater of Magic.... YEAH!!!! FINALLY

    Well..... My time has finally come! I have two TOM's lined up to go check out... and im ready to drop the dough this weekend! they are up there in price... but are similar, and are CC'ed as well :) One is like 1k more then the other, in this price range it almost feels like WTF is the diff...
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    SOLD The Simpsons Pinball Party - Stern

    Id love to come see it this weekend... it would have to be on Sunday tho. I gotsa works Saturday :(