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  1. marco

    WTB Stern backbox (head)

    Bump. Also interested in a regular Stern backbox.
  2. marco

    WTB Stern backbox (head)

    Looking for a Stern pinball backbox for Spike machines with DMD such as Aerosmith, kiss, SMVE, GOT, etc Thx
  3. marco

    WTB Nintendo Arm Wrestling PCB

    Hi, Looking for an Arm Wrestling PCB and/or control panel. Send me a PM if you have one for sale ! Thanks ! Marc
  4. marco

    WTB: Playchoice 10 parts

    PM sent !
  5. marco

    WTB: Playchoice 10 parts

    Hi, I am looking for some playchoice 10 parts for dual monitors. Control Panel Wiring Harness Monitor Smoked glass Marquee
  6. marco

    Need favor from someone in London Ontario

    Hi guys, I need the help of a fellow member that lives near London Ontario. I found some piece of equipment on kijiji and the seller does not want to ship. Contact me in PM if you are willing to help ! Thanks Marc
  7. marco

    WTB: Playchoice 10 PCBs

    Looking for Playchoice 10 PCBs with or without games. Thanks
  8. marco

    WTB: Fluke 9010A and Z80 pod

    Looking for the Fluke 9010A microcontroller troubleshooter and the Z80 pod. Thx
  9. marco

    What's your favourite game?

    For me it's Tron ! At least until I can reach the damn portal :D
  10. marco

    FOUND: Punch-out or Super Punch Out Arcade

    Looking for either a Punch-out or Super Punch-out in any condition. Thx !
  11. marco

    WTB Goldeneye Playfield

    Found ! Thx
  12. marco

    WTB Goldeneye Playfield

    Looking for a used or NOS Goldeneye playfield. If you have one, let me know. Thanks !
  13. marco

    FS "Not Mine" Pinball Machines For Sale

    Spiderman Vault - 8500$ -Montreal http://www.kijiji.ca/v-autres-jeux-video-consoles/ville-de-montreal/pinball-machine-a-boule-spiderman-vault-edition/1198914497?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true Kiss Pro - 6300$ - Montreal...