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    Trying to Document Old Arcade Locations

    Anyone remember an arcade called John’s near Victoria Park and O’Connor? Man I loved that place. I remember playing Black Knight for the first time, so cool, with the upper playfield.
  2. FastEd

    From Kingsville, ON

    That’s some start!
  3. FastEd

    FOUND CFTBL, Theater of Magic, AF, TZ, Fish Tales

    I think you basically selected everyone else’s wish list as well. Good luck with the hunt!
  4. FastEd

    SOLD The Shadow Pinball Machine Bally

    Agreed, great seller!
  5. FastEd

    Another one lands!

  6. FastEd

    Ultrasonic Cleaner (USC)

    Did anyone end up buying a Trusonik Ultrasonic Cleaner? Are they still in business?
  7. FastEd

    Stern's next pin is...

    I think this might be Stern’s nicest pin in awhile.
  8. FastEd

    Revolution in Tapatalk

    Same here
  9. FastEd

    Coleco Electronic Quarterback

    What was it, up —> down —> up to the top —> keep going to the right as fast as possible?
  10. FastEd

    Princess Auto Electric Hoist 220/440LB

    Ok, I can sort of visualize that. One word of caution. This hoist is only rated for 440lbs when you double up the cable (ie not hanging straight down). Just make sure you have a long enough cable when it’s doubled up for what you plan to do.
  11. FastEd

    Princess Auto Electric Hoist 220/440LB

    How do you haul a pin out of a basement with one of these? I have the same model in my garage that I use to put things up in the loft with.
  12. FastEd

    SOLD Funhouse

    PM sent
  13. FastEd

    Black Friday or Good Deals

    Sold out...
  14. FastEd


    Agreed, great seller, still enjoying my LOTR!