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  • Hello brother. got the Black Hole sound chips and after a good year and a half I finally have cool sound ! You my friend ARE A GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are officially pinball buddies! Thank you Thank you Thank you. Wayne
    Hello Dave. I see you sell ROMs. I was wondering if you had a set of sound ROMs for Hollywood Heat. In the machine they’re labelled
    703/DROM 1
    703/YROM 1
    703/YROM 2
    If you have these available what would you charge for them to get shipped to Winnipeg?
    Thanks a lot!
    Dave, long time no talk it’s paul Hills from whitby I see you have a corvette,
    Are you interested in any trades towards it or cash only my kids are into cars now. If not what’s your best price. Thanks again Paul
    Hi Dave, I saw an old post on Maaca that you had an Elvira and the party monsters manual for sale. Is it still available and if so what would you want for it shipped to Winnipeg, MB R2k3p5? Thanks
    looking for sound and speech proms for firepower and sound chip for the getaway
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