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    SOLD Taxi & Diner Pinball

    For the Diner, could you tell me if it is a Diamond Plate playfield or not? Or take a picture of the area where that is normally written. It's found just below and to the left of the left flipper, right under where it says "collect tips." I can't quite make that out in the pics you've shared...
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    WTB Promo plastics trading

    I would be interested in the Party Zone pieces. I don't have much to trade though. I have some of those alternate "rebellious" pieces for the Getaway, but that's about it. Cash price option?
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    WTB Party Zone - Cosmic Cottage sign plastic

    How long ago did you have your PZ? Mine came from a guy in London.
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    WTB Roller Coaster Tycoon

    Anyone have a Roller Coaster Tycoon for sale? Preferably in Southern Ontario.
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    WTB Party Zone - Cosmic Cottage sign plastic

    https://www.ministryofpinball.com/en/catalog/product/view/id/6329/s/party-zone-cosmic-cottage-plastic-31-1-20004-15/category/140/ Partnumber: 31-1-20004-15-SP I am looking for the Cosmic Cottage sign plastic for my Party Zone. It was missing on my game when I got it. The little metal bracket...
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    WTB EM: Billiards themed - Hot Shot or Big Shot

    Looking to buy a billiards themed EM. Gottlieb's 1973 Hot Shot ideally. Will consider others. I like that layout with the drop target banks for the spots and stripes and the 8-ball in the middle. Let me know what you have, where you are and what you want for it. Cash in hand.
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    WTB Rollergames

    Wow, ok, that does look pretty good. Lots of upgrades and improvements. It mentions possible trades as well as just a cash sale... any idea what the games are the seller might consider as part of a trade? +/- money of course depending on the title.
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    WTB Rollergames

    Ok, thanks. I searched on Kijiji and nothing came up so I'll look on Facebook and see if I can find it. Is $5,500 what a Rollergames is worth nowadays? I wouldn't have thought it to be that high. I was thinking it would be more equivalent to a High Speed (the 1st one) and say between $3k and $4k.
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    WTB Rollergames

    Looking to buy a Rollergames. Cash in hand. Let me know what you have.
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    SOLD Funhouse

    Also interested. I just messaged you on Kijiji as that's where I happened to see your ad first. Jon in Guelph.
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    SOLD SOLD! JJP Pirates of the Caribbean (PotC) SE - For trade

    What are you looking to get in return? (Nice NES collection in the background btw... I have a similar looking one and the ROB the Robot I got new as a kid with it.)
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    FS PIN2DMD replacement colour LED DMD panels - 128x32 - smaller DE 128x16 panels and larger 192x64 also available

    I went in and reset the display back to it's factory settings and all is well. Working as it should and the animations look really nice. Maybe that's all it was in the Getaway too, just some settings that got switched around. Not that I'm inclined to f$&k with it though now that it's working!!
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    FS PIN2DMD replacement colour LED DMD panels - 128x32 - smaller DE 128x16 panels and larger 192x64 also available

    Thanks. I figured as much but wanted to make sure. I got it powered up and while the PIN2DMD intro screen comes up nice, the game displays for Lethal Weapon are a little wonky. Like partly garbled and partly don't fit the screen quite right. I got the files from the site recommended on your...
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    FS PIN2DMD replacement colour LED DMD panels - 128x32 - smaller DE 128x16 panels and larger 192x64 also available

    I'm finally getting around to trying the display in my LW3. And had a question on the install. My game has one of the secondary power boards that's mounted directly to the DMD. As Dino's instructions show, you carefully remove that secondary board and then reinstall it on the PIN2DMD display...