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Pinball Browser update to MET

Discussion in 'Projects & Mods' started by ritewhereiwant2b, Aug 13, 2019.

  1. ritewhereiwant2b

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    Dec 22, 2013
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    SO, after having a MET Prem for 2 years I finally got around to updating the music with Pinball Browser. My musical tastes are wide, but, generally I gravitate to Rock, Hard Rock and Progressive Rock. ...am a drummer too, so Id include Jazz as a genre I listen to allot, but there is no room for THAT in a Metallica pinball machine!! ...and I am glad that I waited 2 years because I really am not much of a fan of Metallica, except for Sandman, but Fuel and The Unforgiven has really grown on me - haven't got to End of the Line yet!*%!!

    Anyway, here is the song swap info:
    Pinball Browser song swap.jpg Im still tweaking and would love to hear what songs youve swapped. Ive tried to keep the music heavy and in the theme of the gameplay. Two early song choices were Silverball (shout-out to Ed, great song), and Pinball Wizard, still deciding since they arent as heavy as the songs I chose so far.
    The Knife by Genesis is a perfect fit for swap with Masters of Puppets since it is basically about how the masters of war manipulate the little guy and works with the graveyard multiball...and is long too which helps since your stuck with original song lengths. ...and I get The Knife into a f'in' pinball machine!!!! Ok, Im showing my age. Helter Skelter works well with Sparky multiball (Charlie's finally getting what he deserved nightly at my place) and I did a nice Beatles/U2 mash-up of said song with Audacity. In Crank-it-up mod, Crazy Train playes during the For Whom The Bell Tolls which works nice with the fighter plane graphics. The rest Im still tweaking.
    If your planning on doing it, the message locations above will save you a bit of time.
    Doing a song swap really makes a big difference in your game-play experience. I was actually considering trading the pin to freshen up the line-up, but no more. By doing this its kinda like having your own personal favorite mixed tap playing in your pinball machine. All aboard!!!

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