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  1. Murphelman

    Murphelman Active Member

    Jul 19, 2017
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    Looking to trade a decent condition Fire!
    I have not had this game too long but the game is in solid condition.

    Bought this because the wife really liked the game when she played it on location. Not really my jam. She is ok with letting it go for something else.

    No wear on the PF. Factory original mylar placed down.

    New sling plastics were installed to replace a cracked one. There is a small broken peice off of a plastic at the ladder ramp.

    Cabinet is in above average condition for the age of the game. Comes with Champagne colored legs to match some of the art.

    LEDs, trough LED strip, and new Flippers installed

    The only issues are one spot on Player 1 display is out which only shows when words are displayed (Every segment that displays all numbers work) I think can be fixed and I will attempt to do so when I have time.

    Some of the Backbox GI is out which can also be fixed if I find time before trading.

    Other than that the game looks and plays nice.

    Not looking to flip or sell for profit. Looking to trade + or - cash for 20191004_125746.jpg 20191004_125751.jpg something else.
    20191004_125648.jpg 20191004_125702.jpg 20191004_125726.jpg 20191004_125710.jpg 20191004_125732.jpg 20191004_125738.jpg

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