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Bluffs Pinball League - New Season - May - June 2018

Discussion in 'BPL Discussion' started by WARLOCK, May 22, 2018.


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    Nov 14, 2012
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    The Bluffs, Scarborough
    The new season has begun. This and every Thursday, forever. 7 pm onward in the Bluffs. (South Scarberia)

    Thanks to Kevin, T1, Sparky, Chris Y, Menace, Dino, Tim and everyone who helps keep things running.
    And to Walt, Dino and Kevin for administering and Chris Y for food and beverages.

    Thanks to all our great members. It really is a great weekly outing for $10.
    21 to 23 tournament calibre pins on the floor with 2 additions coming this week from P1 for pre-world's tournament on Friday and Saturday.

    Blufferella - Women's League is tonight (May 22) and every 4th Tuesday of each month.

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