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New Profile Posts

  1. coca-cola
    coca-cola wanderleisilva
    salut, j'ai une NGG en excellente condition si jamais cela t'intéresse en échange pour ta walking dead . Merci
  2. rwmech5
    rwmech5 wanderleisilva
    I've got a nice AS pro if we could work shipping out? Cheers! Rob
  3. SamIam
    SamIam Trueno92
    Ok... Thought I'd ask just in case. Let me know if you change your mind
    1. Trueno92
      Feb 28, 2021
  4. SamIam
    SamIam Trueno92
    Hey are you interested in selling LW3? I'm looking for my first pinball machine. This might fit the bill if the price is reasonable. Thanks
    1. Trueno92
      Hey, looking for a dmd game for a trade.
      Feb 28, 2021
  5. Jeffq
    Jeffq Emil
    Hey emil how much cash for avatar?
  6. Chris Gebz
    Chris Gebz Marsien
    Hey Marsien..se you have a Game of thrones LE ..does it have color dmd and what price do you think it's worth..
  7. BMHouze
    Lockdown is over. Time for small group play.
  8. Ryan Dodd
    Ryan Dodd Gary
    Hey Gary .

    Welcome to pinrev:)
    1. Gary likes this.
    2. Gary
      Thank you
      Feb 15, 2021
  9. Gary
    Retro Gamer
  10. KelleyG
    In search of a Metallica premium or limited edition pin.
  11. Chris Gebz
    Chris Gebz Golden Graham
    hi how are you ,,,are you still interested for trade LOTR LE for your AFM REMAKE LE
  12. BMHouze
    Back to a collection, 2+ titles.
  13. Volley76
    Volley76 Sbird
    Hello Sbird, What would you like for your GOT LE


  14. Volley76
    I am looking for an Attack from Mars Remake LE or a Jurassic Park LE or a Ninja Turtles LE (Low plays in mint condition) - Thanks in advance
  15. Robert1989
    Looking for data east TMNT pin ? Anyone have one for sale ?
  16. Paulm
    Paulm Dino Z.
    Just wondering about colour dmd for my big buck hunter pro. Do you have one or does anyone make one?
    Also wondering about possibly getting standard playfield glass for 3 machines. Whats the price these days and how could i pick them up?
  17. Subzero74
    Subzero74 greg bulgajewski
    Hey Greg....I’d be willing to offer you your asking price....feel free to text me at (647)463-2354

    Thanks Justin
  18. Shock_me
    Shock_me Dino Z.
    Hi Dino. Any Pin2dmds left for sale?
  19. Jeffq
    Jeffq Ludikris
    I have south park for 5k firm
  20. wanderleisilva
    wanderleisilva spikedbat
    A fruitless effortI am sure buy BBH & cash?