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New Profile Posts

  1. Saltimbanco
  2. Grek
    Grek KADLAD
    One of the members from pinball revolution said you might have a Cue ball wizard pinball for sale.
    If so how much were you looking for it.
    Thanks Greg
    Where is my time machine! I want to go back and start over!
  4. Saint-Jean
    Saint-Jean BroncoXXXII
    I am interested in your POTC machine.
    is it still available?
    Thanks sebastien
  5. Thom Smith
    Thom Smith Murphelman
    Going out on a limb here but you don’t know if you don’t ask. I just found your ad for the Who Dunnit from a year ago that still shows it for sale. So the question is, “Is it?”. Thanks, Thom.
    1. Murphelman
      Sorry. It was sold.
      Jul 25, 2020
    2. Thom Smith
      Thom Smith
      Cool, I figured as much. Doesn’t hurt to ask, though.
      Jul 25, 2020
  6. Quatermass
    Quatermass TheRick
    Hey, sorry to bother you, but you mentioned in the Scared Stiff for sale posting you knew someone who was selling an EATPM. I have a friend who might be interested. Do you have a link to the ad? Thanks
  7. Cactus
    Cactus kvoxx
    did you have Color File for Star Ship Troopers for PIN2DMD ?
  8. Cactus
    Cactus Dino Z.
    did you have DE Star Wars Color File ? where i can donate ?
  9. Saltimbanco
  10. dipinto
    looking for trade top 10
  11. Mark Cleland
    Mark Cleland dipinto
    Hello there. I was looking through some posts and it looks like you have a LOTR that you may be interested in letting go of? I live just south of Guelph and I’m interested in case you are looking to move it.
    Thank you for your time
  12. Jjjj
    Jjjj Dino Z.
    Hi i whant a pinball dmd for my xmen le, is it plug and play ?
  13. KaijuHunter
    KaijuHunter pinballjah
    Excuse me, but why did you reply to my ad indicating it smells fraudulent? Star Wars ep1. If this is the way new members are treating, then I’m out and good luck growing the site.
  14. Saltimbanco
    Saltimbanco Marc Deslauriers
    What does it mean when you wrote you were to start deconverting a Tron? Sorry, new to this!
  15. Pharoah007
    Pharoah007 Wizards Den
    I replied to your email.

  16. Wizards Den
    Wizards Den WARLOCK
    Hi Scott, hope all is well. Have a promo on rubbers for pinball. Can you make a post.

    Promo code "1111", for rubber order over $100, 10% discount on order. Includes rubber feet, flipper rubbers, post rubbers, plunger tips and playfield rubbers.

    Lots of guys are having trouble getting product.


    Keep safe.
  17. Serge Bédard
    Serge Bédard Perry L
    Can you give me your phone number ?
  18. Serge Bédard
    Serge Bédard Mike Grady
    His the machine available or not ?
  19. Serge Bédard
    Serge Bédard Perry L
    I can go to 9 000 $ for your Monsters Bash Remake
  20. Serge Bédard
    Serge Bédard Mike Grady
    i am still interest.
    Give me your phone number.
    It’s faster than here.
    Or text me at (514) 867-4515