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New Profile Posts

  1. mwong168
    Most dollaramas are sold out of these GB figures. You are best to check a few local stores yourself and see what they got.
  2. dnaman
    dnaman mwong168
    Hey Mike,

    Can you get me a full set of the GB characters? I'd pay you extra of course. Let me know. ;)
  3. Sampson
    Sampson McMean
    Hey McMean,
    I would be very interested in this, but I live in Kitchener! Not sure how I would get it.
  4. Gunnder
  5. DonnyBraso
    DonnyBraso Honey Badger
    Hey thanks for the reply. Can you shoot me some pics of the wear please..? By phone is cool too if its easier..6132970736.thanks
  6. matthewra
    matthewra Menace
    Hi Menace - coming to Toronto any time soon?
    We could use a couple fixes...
    got a brand new CPub which worked until delivery guy left (ball launch dead and one flipper went semi-dead) and BSD rats no longer registers anything
    cheers Matthew and Melanie
  7. John Connor
    John Connor spikedbat
    Hey. We spoke a few months ago about the robocop you bought. How are your progressing with the refurb? Interested in selling it?
  8. chancegino
    chancegino Menace
    Are you Doug from Playdium?
    1. Menace
      Nope, different Doug.
      Jun 21, 2017
  9. ritewhereiwant2b
    Presently have STLE, LOTR LE and MMrLE
  10. Colin
    Colin Vengeance
    Hi Vengeance...I'm new to pinball ownership. I just bought my first pin. I live in Newmarket. Is there any chance I can ask you for some guidance please. May I call you? Thanks....Colin
  11. flashman
    flashman slither
    OK keep me posted please.
  12. Pizzadude
  13. brewmanager
    I like strawberries.
  14. EVH
    EVH Pin-Balls
    Hey any interest in selling the airball protector and the lane extender? Driving me nuts on my game.
  15. flyer666
    flyer666 Simulacrum_99
    Hey, there is a pinball league in Kitchener....We had a league night on Friday. The next one is in Feb. sometime.

    1. Simulacrum_99 likes this.
  16. Williampinball
    Hi no PF wear looks great
  17. EVH
    EVH Williampinball
    Nice. Any spots on the playfield of concern?
  18. john heiydt
    john heiydt Dave Astill
    Hi Dave. Just saw a rom sale post on the forum. Do you have the updated JP rom?
  19. level42
    level42 scylla
    Met at Cabin Fever
  20. Pinballer
    Pins: No Fear, Who Dunnit, Cyclone, Secret Service (project)